We are Victorious

Victorious is a team of true SEO partners working every day to improve organizations around the world. We love what we do and are constantly improving our process.


Houston Barnett-Gearhart

Director of SEO

Kyle Redmond Teese

Director of Accounts

Michael Transon

Director of Growth

Cory Teese

SEO Specialist

Sydney Kim

Account Manager

Alwin Wong

Account Manager

Jason Stevens

Account Executive


Stress Relief

A search engine optimization team in the heart of San Francisco.

Since 2012, our battalion of search engine experts has provided innovative search engine strategy and execution to growing websites. We’re located next to some of the worlds largest companies, including Google, Dropbox, Twitter, Amazon, and Yahoo.

Our company values

Give a s***.

We actually care about the growth and development of your company. It’s hardwired into Victorious’ DNA to align our own goals with those of our customers. If your business does not grow and thrive, neither will we. As a result, we genuinely focus on the success of your campaign – you’re more to us than just a paycheck.

Radical transparency.

We’re fully confident in our methods and approaches to SEO, and therefore are completely transparent about our processes and results. You won’t have to worry about us throwing out vanity metrics or claiming “secret SEO sauce”. We give you full access participate in the SEO strategy with us.

Empower everyone.

Victorious runs smoothest when we’re empowering each other internally and our customers externally. We do this through constant socialization of our methodology, our results, and our process. Our goal is to educate you as a customer so you become a better marketer through a deeper understanding of SEO.

Perfect our core methodology.

We aren’t tossed left and right by the new, sexy SEO methods. While we are constantly innovating ways to create sustainable SEO strategies, we stay consistent with our tried-and-true SEO battle methodology. And we’re regularly analyzing our performance to truly perfect our performance for customers.

People over profit.

You’re more than a paycheck to us. We know that there are real people that are affected by the SEO campaigns we run. That’s why we dedicate a large portion of our time and energy on account management and communication. You’re not just another account – we value the relationship and do what it takes to prosper together.

A refreshing approach to the agency experience.

We know that search engine optimization companies have less than stellar reputations. Why? There are a ton of deceptive agencies. They take your money and promise unrealistic results.

We aren’t one of those companies. Our core values inform the way we interact with everyone we work with. It’s refreshing to have an agency that know what it’s doing.