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What Makes a Quality Backlink?


  Whenever Google rolls out a new Penguin update, marketing professionals across the globe sprint to their analytics to see if they’ve been affected. You’ve heard the horror stories. Sites dropping 90%+ organic traffic due to penalizations related to link spam or link quality. These penalizations cause the entire community to question what constitutes a quality link portfolio, and by extension, what is a quality link itself.   Most general marketing practitioners will turn to their most trusted sources of SEO news and performance. For many, that’s Moz. Moz and other sites like Search Engine Journal, Neil Patel, or Search Engine Watch  are great resources, no doubt. But as they’ve been gained a larger audience, it’s become increasingly clear to us that what the SEO powerhouses are teaching marketers about link quality and link portfolios is not always what we see to be true in day-to-day off page SEO.  …

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Understanding User Intent with Buyer Personas & Search Behavior

User intent is the crux of driving a successful SEO campaign. To attract customers and create meaningful relationships, we must first understand why they seek our products and services out. Two great ways to uncover previously hidden insights about potential, current, and past customers are buyer personas and search queries. This blog post will cover what they are, strategy tips, and how they tie into a SEO campaign. Buyer personas are sometimes overlooked when it comes to SEO, but we know that every product has a target market and when you have a better idea of who that target market is you can craft a better strategy to reach them. So, what is a buyer persona? HubSpot defines it as “a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers.” Getting Started with Buyer Personas To get started with buyer personas, you’ll…

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Victorious Named Top 25 SEO Agency Worldwide by Clutch

The pace of technological advancement has never been faster than it is now, and no industry has been left untouched. Whether it’s in healthcare, art, manufacturing, or retail, technological innovations are disrupting all corners of life. That said, a business idea can only go so far as its marketing strategy. SEO is an essential piece of that puzzle. Fundamentally, SEO is the practice of ensuring that a site appears high in the list of search results, but as new technologies emerge, like voice search and AI, SEO best practices are also rapidly changing. In this landscape, it is essential to have a provider that is vigilant, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. The team at Victorious has vast experience in this field, and we’re always looking for opportunities to help innovative businesses grow. As part of our effort to reach a wider audience, we’re excited to announce our recent inclusion on Clutch among…

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Fire Your SEO Agency


Your agency is not going to like this post. Because I’m outing them. There is a deep, dark secret in the world of SEO. We all know this secret. And staying silent is what’s enabling hundreds of agencies to continue operating regularly, generating significant revenue, and “delivering quality SEO work”. The secret is this: Most SEO agencies (maybe yours) have no idea what the hell they’re doing.

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Effective Local Search Engine Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Site SEO

seo for local businesses

Online marketing is a competitive area where techniques that are considered effective now can rapidly change and affect every single business that implements SEO. Local SEO, on the other hand, brings in a more challenging game, given the style, the specificity, and the customer engagement it requires. This is the reason why website developers and business owners need to understand local search engine marketing. Local SEO may sound like a daunting task to accomplish, but you don’t have to be an expert web developer to pull it off. Sure, it sounds difficult and uses up a lot of time before you can feel that your efforts are paying off, but there are several options to make things easier for you and your company.

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