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Author: Jenni Bojanin

Victorious SEO Sales Team 1:1 Interview

Find out what inspires our Sales team trio! Our interview with Audra, Deena, and Shamar shed light on how we empower each other as women in the workplace! Interview conducted and condensed by JENNI BOJANIN & NICOLE NORRIS AUDRAS INTERVIEW Q. What inspires you? A. Personally, I’m inspired by humanity’s capacity to create social change and how any small act of kindness has a ripple effect and can make a difference. Q. What is something you learned the hard way? A. Sometimes you learn the hard way that less is more and that putting your health first allows all other …

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Victorious SEO Leadership 1:1 Interview

We got the chance to sit down with our CEO Michael Transon & People Operations Manager Casey Joens to get a better insight on how the two work as a team to bring the company together as a whole. Michael brought Casey on in the early growth of Victorious when there were only 6 employees in an 800 sq ft space. There are currently over 35 employees and we’re still growing at a rapid pace. It is truly inspiring to hear what these two have accomplished together throughout the progression of Victorious. They have been through it all. Check out …

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