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Online marketing is a competitive area where techniques that are considered effective now can rapidly change and affect every single business that implements SEO. Local SEO, on the other hand, brings in a more challenging game, given the style, the specificity, and the customer engagement it requires. This is the reason why website developers and business owners need to understand local search engine marketing.

Local SEO may sound like a daunting task to accomplish, but you don’t have to be an expert web developer to pull it off. Sure, it sounds difficult and uses up a lot of time before you can feel that your efforts are paying off, but there are several options to make things easier for you and your company.

Local Search Engine Marketing Techniques

Here are some local search engine marketing strategies that you may want to start doing:

1. Post and update your Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP)

You may think that your physical retail store is going to be the talk of the town, but it wouldn’t matter much if people cannot find your address on Google.

The key to pull off an effective local search engine marketing plan is to put your business address on your website for your visitors to see. The easier you are to locate and contact, the easier you will gain people’s interest to try your services or products. Also, it makes you more credible and professional because you are opening your lines to people’s inquiries.

In relation to this, you need to update your NAP on your website so that people won’t get lost when they try to visit your physical location.

2. Claim and develop your Google My Business page

local search engine marketing planThe goal of setting up a website is to make sure that your visitors are given all the information they need about your company, as well as the products and services that you offer. Without these key pieces of information, you miss the whole point of SEO.

To help you get up to speed in terms of search ranking, set up your own Google My Business page. This allows your company to be discovered by Google users. This will also serve as a reliable reference for your visitors who will hopefully turn into loyal customers.

The nice thing about Google My Business is that you can post not just text content, but also tons of photos and maps. You may also set up reviews that your customers and visitors can update.

Setting up an effective Google My Business page may take a lot of work, but this will definitely yield amazing returns. Make sure to carefully check the information you post, such as your business name, your business category, your location, and your company’s description.

3. Welcome reviews and testimonials

Feedback from people who have tried your products can help you improve on your services, and influence other potential customers to check your business out. The thing about reviews and testimonials is that you will be able to know the good points of your company from experiences of actual customers, and discover the areas that need more attention and improvement.

Encourage your customers to make a review so you would no longer need to second-guess about what you still need to work on. Take note of their reviews and use them for your own company’s improvement.


These local search engine marketing techniques don’t really sound scary, do they? What’s great is that implementing these simple strategies can reap a ton of benefits for your site’s local SEO.

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Michael Transon

Michael Transon is the CEO of Victorious. He's a big fan of ASU football, his cat Tux, and dinner parties. He lives at Ocean Beach in the Outer Sunset Neighborhood.

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