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More business owners are becoming familiar with the importance of SEO with regards to extending their online visibility. Implementing the right SEO techniques may bring a company to a better likelihood of ranking high in search results.

It’s pretty much a common belief that investing in SEO would translate to a rapid return on investment (ROI). Sorry to burst your bubble, but setting your sights on ROI may not be a good motivation to implement SEO in your website. Surprised?

Change Your SEO Mindset

Before you throw all of your SEO plans out the window, consider these two thoughts:

  • While SEO can be a huge help wherein Google can properly index your website, it should not be considered as a strategy to market your company.
  • SEO should not be seen as a form of investment, but rather an important factor for a website to gain popularity among search results.

Some business owners think that using SEO strategies will require them to spend a huge amount. When you look at spending for SEO in a profit-generating perspective, it seems like you’re trying to buy the attention of the audience and lure them to check your website. Doesn’t that sound like a black-hat SEO technique?

There’s a need to emphasize one essential truth: SEO is not a marketing channel.

So how do you change your perspective on SEO? Think of it as a means to help your website gain organic traffic, which will hopefully lead to more sales and a potentially fast ROI.

How To Use SEO The Right Way

Your company website will just be the same as any other website if you do not act on important SEO factors and search ranking signals. For starters, you need to implement a website structure with content of high content and potentially attention-grabbing engagement.

Here are some ways to shift your focus away from ROI and more into SEO, which should eventually end up achieving your company’s bottom line:


1. Put user experience (UX) in your priority list

Google favors organic traffic because it wants to provide visitors with the most appropriate answers to search queries without the influence of money. A website should naturally improve its traffic when people are provided with a seamless experience. Website owners these days should be able to provide something unique and exciting for the visitors to keep coming back.

2. Create value-adding content that your target audience will like

Focusing on SEO gives your website a better opportunity to increase its appearance on search results, which will hopefully build a list of loyal customers. If you fail to provide the information that search users need, they will probably move on to another website that can answer their queries or provide solutions. In short, spending so much in building a website can compensate poor web content.


SEO was never designed to be the basis of an immediate ROI. The entire process of SEO takes time, much like how you would wait for your business to grow – with absolute patience and without scheming shortcuts.

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Michael Transon

Michael Transon is the CEO of Victorious. He's a big fan of ASU football, his cat Tux, and dinner parties. He lives at Ocean Beach in the Outer Sunset Neighborhood.

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