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Tailors’ Keep


How Victorious increased total revenue by 500% in six months to build a thriving local company and help an entrepreneur reach his dreams.

Blomdahl USA


How Victorious delivered 440% ROI in four months to renew an e-commerce company’s dominance in search rankings and earn a business owner’s trust.



How Victorious led Botpress’ SEO efforts through an emerging niche market to position itself to take the first mover’s advantage, resulting in 500% growth in organic traffic to their website.


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Felix Gray


How Victorious optimized a startup’s e-commerce website and improved organic traffic by 203% to empower it’s founders to raise new capital and scale the company.

Exceptional Villas


How Victorious worked with Exceptional Villas to trust the process and increased the number of keywords ranked by 848% by building the foundation of their website for longterm growth before it escaped Google’s sandbox.

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What Makes a Good Case Study?

Not every case study is necessarily good. Results are important for every case study, but objectively good results are necessary for a case study to mean something.

A good case study needs context. Depending on the type of business, we focus on finding what exactly are the “positive results” a client is looking for. If it’s an SEO campaign for local business, a good result from an SEO campaign is ranking well on Google Maps stacks. An SEO campaign for a small business that operates primarily through e-commerce, organic traffic and ROI are the results that really mean something.

Context is key in generating the proper campaign and in turn, the desired results for any business curious in getting their hands dirty in SEO.

At the beginning of our SEO campaigns, we conduct thematic keyword research to determine the keywords and long tail keywords to target throughout the campaign’s duration. Focusing SEO practices like content creation, link building, and guest posts on or around these targeted keywords have proven to increase impressions, and in turn, more qualified leads and prospects to a client’s site.

To Google and other search engine crawlers, having a sufficient number of total ranking keywords focused around your industry or niche, communicates to search engines that a site is authoritative for searches regarding the industry and niche.

Having the most effective keywords ranking on the first page of Google puts our clients in the right position for success.

Organic traffic is one of our key KPI’s in SEO campaigns due to the way that an increase or decrease in traffic conveys the effectiveness of an SEO campaign.

Most SEO companies avoid including ROI and organic revenue from their list of KPI’s. Why? Because often times, companies can’t confidently say that their SEO methodology can produce positive ROI. What is really eye-opening about the lack of ROI data showing up as a KPI is the way that translates as SEO companies avoiding their name and efforts being responsible for the lack of ROI.

We know our methodology and seasoned SEO team can get the ROI results that a client wants. In other words, we don’t run from the challenge of positive ROI. We charge it head on, confident we’ll produce the results we set in our ROI KPI.

Establishing positive aggregate growth in keyword rankings as a KPI isn’t an end-all-be-all, but it’s a good metric for checking the success of a campaign.

If our clients are seeing a positive aggregate growth in keyword rankings, they’re more than likely seeing an increase in impressions on SERPs and an increase of organic traffic to their site, two ways to drive more qualified traffic, prospects, and conversions to their site.