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Victorious has partnered with both emerging and enterprise ecommerce businesses to create a channel for sustainable, long term organic traffic, resulting in triple digit revenue growth while exceeding ROI expectations.

The rise of CMS platforms customized for eCommerce and the greater ease of online and mobile payments is undeniable. There’s a global trend towards a burgeoning market in the online eCommerce space. So whether you’re struggling to dominate valuable Google search results or increase product revenue, Victorious’ premium eCommerce SEO services and unmatched history of eCommerce success can deliver tangible, significant, results.

Understanding the Challenges Faced by Online Businesses

Driving Traffic to Your Website
82% of online shop owners rated themselves having a difficult time driving traffic to their website.
Search traffic is often a proxy for sales. A website’s search traffic is a reliable representation of a business’ organic revenue projections; in other words, the growth of a website’s search traffic is indicative of its sales growth.
Converting Leads Into Purchases
According to Shopify, 73% of Shopify users graded themselves 3 stars or less (out of 5) in regards to their understanding and ability to convert visitors into buyers.
Visitors are coming through your door. Your website has a high click-through rate, but conversions are low. Victorious can help re-target your customers via product-specific long tail keyword research to garner qualified leads. 
Lack of Content Optimization
'Our content is not driving as much traffic as I thought'
Thought leadership is great but it would be even better if it actually drives leads through your sales channel. Victorious provides quality content consultation and optimization that sustains a consistent pipeline for your business.

Our Customers

We've only been working with Victorious for the past 2 months and we're seeing results from the work done. They've added stability to several of our fluctuating keywords and improved many of our relevant keywords. We're very satisfied with the results achieved.

Clairevoire USARyan Kong, Webmaster

Great company! Do what they promised, and we have seen significant growth in a very short period of time:
1. 6 to 1 Return of Investment in first 2 months of campaign
2. 83% year-over-year growth in organic traffic in first 2 months of campaign.

Very Happy thus far! Keep up the good work and you will have us as a customer for a long time to come!

Promotions ChoiceJit Teo, Digital Marketing Manager

After several false starts with a few other SEO companies I can confidently share that Victorious SEO is the real deal. They are easy to work with, very proactive and completely transparent. Considering my prior SEO experiences I found the results startling.
Three and half months in and I see concrete, measurable results.
ROI after such a short time? 422%! Really.
Organic traffic is up 660%.
Kyle is my main man and I look forward to working with Victorious going forward.

Blomdahl USADave Loftus, Founder

From its struggles as a small business to garnering national brand recognition, see how Blomdahl USA regained its confidence with SEO through Victorious’ partnership – from extensive keyword research to in-depth link building – Blomdahl reached new heights to see 4:1 ROI in its first four months.

Victorious helped Felix Gray see their potential as a niche startup company within the eyewear industry. In setting the foundation, Felix Gray was able to scale its business while outranking its competitors for lead-generating keywords.

Victorious harnessed Promotion Choice’s content-rich website to determine its best performing pages. In doing so, our SEO efforts leg the campaign to move the needle and drive ROI-oriented results.