ECommerce SEO Case Study: Blomdahl USA

How Victorious delivered 440% ROI in four months to renew an e-commerce company's dominance in search rankings and earn a business owner's trust.

“After several false starts with a few other SEO companies I can confidently share that Victorious SEO is the real deal.”


How we started

We started on this project with Blomdahl USA in October of 2016.

Dave at Blomdahl was sent to us from Yahoo Small Business, with whom we are their official SEO partner. Dave had been overwhelmingly disappointed by multiple SEO agencies in his past, and was almost completely jaded with the process. He sat down with our team of experts as a last-ditch effort to save his e-commerce organic traffic.

Dave’s site was hit hard by Google algorithm updates over the past three years. As his rankings dropped, so did his online sales. To right the ship, Dave hired multiple SEO agencies to fix his current rankings and outrank his competitors.

No one was able to help.

Once Dave spoke with our team of SEOs, we were able to clearly identify the gaps in his SEO and where we needed to strategize a 6-month execution plan. By approaching the strategy through education, Dave was able to clearly see the road we needed to take and why it was the best route to regain keyword rankings.

“Considering my prior SEO experiences I found the results startling.”

The SEO strategy we used

With Dave’s past experience with agencies at the forefront of our minds, our first meeting focused on building bridges of transparency and communication. We educated Dave on the processes that Victorious takes to improve a sites search engine placement so that he understood the exact work we were executing. We focused on the 24/7 customized SEO dashboard available to every Victorious customer, so Dave was able to login at any moment and see the real-time rankings of every keyword.

What did our strategy deliver? A rebuilding of trust between Dave and his agency, where the people he hired delivered on their promises, valued transparency, and gave a %&$* about growing his business side by side.

Thematic Keyword Research

Blomdahl has hundreds of products on their website, and many of them are newer additions. With these new additions come new thematic keyword groups to target. However, in the buildout of these product pages, there was no attention given to proper keyword strategy and placement.

In our Battle Audit during the first month of the campaign, Victorious’ SEO experts did a thematic keyword study and selection to optimize Blomdahl’s website. This meant that Google could find and index Blomdahl’s new products for long tail keywords it had never ranked for before, increasing visibility of the site and clicks for targeted shoppers.

Internal Link Building

Coupled with the poor keyword research history was little to no internal linking within the website. Poor site structure meant that there was no link equity being passes from one internal page to the next. This caused problems from Blomdahl, because the site was unable to leverage the authority of one page to improve the authority of another associate page on the site.

To fix this, our on page SEO experts utilized the Battle Audit to create strategic internal backlinks from high authoritative pages with externally pointed links to less authoritative, but high potential, internal pages that increased both page authority and domain authority of the entire site. Since “authority” of a page and domain are crucial to Google’s ranking algorithm, this gave Blomdahl a massive improvement in searches for product specific keywords.

Site Speed Optimization

A surprising situation we found during our Battle Audit was infinite redirect chains that cause the site to slow down significantly. Certain pages that would redirect to another page and vice a versa, creating an endless redirect loop and confusing Google’s algorithm. This caused massive penalties to search results.

Victorious provided a huge value to Blomdahl by investigating, identifying, and destroying the redirect chains, creating a massive boost in site speed and therefore allowing Google’s spiders to accurately crawl and rank Blomdahl’s website.

“Three and half months in and I see concrete, measurable results. ROI after such a short time? 422%! Really. Organic traffic is up 660%.”

What we achieved for Blomdahl USA

Dave’s results are staggering. Yet our team strives to achieve these results with every company we partner with. If these results sounds impressive, they could be yours too.

93,823% Increase in Organic Traffic

Not a typo. A jaw dropping 93,823% increase in traffic from Google. How is this possible? Blomdahls keywords have massive volume, and all he needed was an experienced, caring SEO team to do the necessary work.


Unranked to First Page in 120 Days

Blomdahl was not even ranking for its target keywords when we began. After Victorious took over every keyword took a massive jump. Now the site is ranking 1st for multiple high volume, high converting keywords.


3,505 Total Targeted Keyword Placement Growth

We targeted 50 keywords for Blomdahl’s campaign. Those 50 keywords grew 3,505 total places in Google’s search results. That averages to 70 places increased per keyword. This growth was attributed to our holistic methodology of on-page and off-page optimization.


675 New Keywords Ranked

With the thematic keyword research and approach we take at Victorious, our customers rank for much more than our target keyword phrases. For Blomdahl, although we only targeted 50 specific keywords, the global footprint of our SEO work increased their total keyword rankings by 675 brand new keywords. That means Blomdahl is ranking for 675 searches that they were not ranking for before joining Victorious.


“Victorious is so easy to work with, very proactive and completely transparent.”