ECommerce SEO Case Study: Felix Gray

How Victorious optimized a startup's e-commerce website and improved organic traffic by 203% to empower it's founders to raise new capital and scale the company.

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How we started

We started on this project with Felix Gray in December of 2016.

Felix Gray’s founders Chris and David are two down to earth guys who have created a product that is valuable in their industry, stylish computer glasses. The market is relatively new and there are few competitors. However, those who are competing with Felix Gray have quality websites with solid SEO. We connected to identify opportunities to improve the website and outrank competitors for specific keywords.

As two co-founder in New York City hustling to scale their startup, Chris and David didn’t have the time to optimize their site personally. By partnering with Victorious for a Battle Audit, the Felix Gray team was able to see remarkable growth in search results with zero off page link building.

“It’s rare to find a team so diligent. Not only is their analysis completely on point, but they actually worked with our devs to make sure everything was implemented.”

The SEO strategy we used

Chris and David have good technical awareness and website dev experience, so we moved quickly into the technical and strategic sections of the Battle Audit. We laid out the framework of our approach and the 200+ SEO indicators we would be optimizing for Felix Gray’s website. We focused not just on SEO, but a holistic buyer strategy to attract the most qualified, interested leads to the site.

What did our strategy deliver? A conversion-focused, SEO-driven website that Felix Gray could confidently present to investors and capital partners that will scale successfully with the rest of the business.

SEO Buyer Personas and Keyword Themes

Creating a stellar SEO strategy is more than just code optimization and keyword density. We realized that Felix Gray needed education into their buyer personas and how they search for content online.

We guided their team through an SEO intensive Buyer Persona project to unveil the inner workings of their industry’s customers. We uncovered what people search for and why. This enabled us to create an ideal thematic keyword list.

SEO Information Architecture Optimization

Once the buyer personas were complete and the keywords chosen, we guided the Felix Gray team to create five new website pages targeting five specific keyword families.

At Victorious, we don’t take shortcuts. This is a great example of that. We determined it was worth the extra work to build out five new website pages because the keyword volume and competition for these families of search terms gave Felix Gray an advantage over competitors – what they needed to scale organic traffic significantly.

Schema Markup

This was one of the most successful SEO activities we did in our Battle Audit. The Schema Markup integration increased click through rate with rich snippet search results.

We used this strategy to make the Felix Gray site look increasingly professional and popular to regular organic search users. This strategy alone resulted in a 33% increase in clickthrough rate.

Sitewide SEO Optimization

Finally, we executed the full Battle Audit that has been successful for innumerable other customers across the world. The proprietary process we take involves the research, analysis, and optimization of over 200 SEO indicators that Google uses to rank websites.

This on page optimization took less than 8 weeks to complete, and the results were significantly higher than projections and industry estimations.

“Instead of having more work to do post audit, we had less work…because Victorious actually handled implementation.”

What we achieved for Felix Gray

With only on page optimization from our proprietary Battle Audit, Felix Gray saw incredible results in keyword search results.

203% Increase in Qualified Organic Traffic

These are industry-beating results for a website that has only conducted on page optimization. Considering the site’s relative new-ness and low backlink portfolio, these results show that the Battle Audit was a successful project.


Unranked to First Page for Multiple Keywords

Because the Felix Gray website was not optimized for thematic keywords, they were not ranking for highly qualified keywords searches. But through the Battle Audit, Victorious’ team of SEO experts identified the thematic keywords, optimized the internal pages, and saw huge increases.


1,524 Total Targeted Keyword Placement Growth

We targeted 50 keywords for Felix Gray’s campaign. Those 50 keywords grew 1,524 total places in Google’s search results. That averages to 51 places increased per keyword. This growth was attributed to our holistic methodology of on-page and off-page optimization.


446 New Keywords Ranked

With the thematic keyword research and approach we take at Victorious, our customers rank for much more than our target keyword phrases. For Felix Gray, although we only targeted 50 specific keywords, the global footprint of our SEO work increased their total keyword rankings by 446 brand new keywords. That means Felix Gray is ranking for 446 searches that they were not ranking for before joining Victorious.


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