Promotion Choice

How Victorious built an SEO strategy that delivered 307% return on investment and expanded the organic presence of a massive e-commerce website.

Increased Keywords Ranked

116% ↑

Monthly Organic Traffic

95% ↑

Return on Investment


“Great company! Do what they promised, and we have seen significant growth in a very short period of time.”


How we started

In the beginning of 2017, we began our partnership with Promotion Choice in order to boost their SEO efforts and drive more organic traffic and revenue to their e-commerce site selling wholesale items. We started out with a proof of concept campaign, where we convey to our client how our processes work and essentially, prove ourselves in the first month of the campaign.

Promotion Choice’s business is on an e-commerce platform, which means huge opportunities for scalable ROI by targeting endless products and pages with our SEO best practices. When building out our campaign, we ran into an important decision regarding which of the many pages and offerings on Promotion Choice’s site we should target over others.

Our strategists knew that targeting any product pages on the site would generate organic traffic and lead to conversions, but our strategists knew that a handful of pages on Promotion Choice’s site were receiving more traffic than others, and converting more leads to customers than others.

“Victorious has delivered on results. 6 to 1 Return of Investment in first 2 months of campaign AND 83% year-over-year growth in organic traffic in first 2 months of campaign.”


The SEO strategy we used

The challenge in conducting our Thematic Keyword Research wasn’t in figuring out where to target since a business like Promotion Choice has seemingly endless options of pages and products to target.

The goal was to figure out the best pages and themes to start targeting and what keywords offered the quickest opportunity for growth and revenue. Our Thematic Keyword Research identified ten key themes to target in our campaign, while our Battle Audit implementation began to button up their site.

Our SEO audit revealed a handful of on-site SEO aspects of their site that need reworking. Victorious empowered Promotion Choice’s team to implement technical changes like rewriting meta descriptions using the thematic keywords chosen in our keyword research and optimizing any page titles and H1’s that needed some TLC.

Once these on-site aspects of Promotion Choice’s site were buttoned up, the site saw immediate growth in keyword rankings and organic traffic generation.

“Very happy thus far! Keep up the good work and you will have us as a customer for a long time to come!”


Results and ROI

116% Increase in Total Keywords on Google

In the first month of our campaign, Promotion Choice was ranking for a total of 2,700 keywords. Our Thematic Keyword Research identified ten key themes at the start of the campaign, all of which ranked on the first page of Google search engine result pages (SERPs) at the end of the six month proof of concept phase. Within 8 months, Promotion Choice was ranking for a total of 5,272 keywords, a significant 116% increase.


Increased Monthly Search Engine Organic Traffic by 95%

Arguable the most important metric of success for an SEO campaign is the increase in organic search traffic. By implementing a SEO campaign designed by our strategists, the Promotion Choice site increased annual organic traffic by 95%, cementing its position on Google and securing a long-term future of search engine traffic and revenue.


307% Annual Return on SEO Investment

At the end of the day, SEO’s biggest job is to generate a net positive return on investment. At Victorious, we track ROI in every campaign, so you can conveniently understand how much revenue organic search traffic is generating. For Promotion Choice, we tracked a 307% net-positive position within the first 12 months of our partnership.

2,574 New Keywords Ranked

With the thematic keyword research and approach we take at Victorious, our customers rank for much more than our target keyword phrases. For Promotion Choice, although we only targeted 50 specific keywords, the global footprint of our SEO work increased their total keyword rankings by 2,574 brand new keywords. That means Promotion Choice is ranking for2,574 searches that they were not ranking for before joining Victorious.


“Victorious is so easy to work with, very proactive and completely transparent.”