Exceptional Villas

How Victorious increased organic search traffic by 544% and built a true partnership with a luxury travel agency.


848% ↑


544% ↑


277% ↑

“We started working with Victorious SEO a number of months ago and already we have seen massive improvements in our SEO.”


How we started

Victorious started working with Exceptional Villas in September of 2016.

Exceptional Villas, an incredibly talented, tight-knit team of luxury travel professionals, reached out to Victorious to expand their digital presence into organic search. They service over 20 countries in 4 continents, but didn’t rank on the first page of Google for a single keyword.

Throughout the first five months of the campaign, growth was slow. We continued to remind ourselves and the Exceptional Villas team that SEO takes time.

It’s an investment and an effective one if you “trust the process”; it’s a common phrase we use, and one we proudly share with the Philadelphia 76ers.  

“The team we have been working with has been fantastic.”


The SEO strategy we used

Within the first five months, we saw significant traction on Bing, a lagging indicator that movement on Google was on the horizon. This movement was important for us, as we knew the Google change was going to come soon.

Victorious’ strategists suspected that Google had ‘sandboxed’ the site, keeping it out of competitive rankings due to its relative adolescence. As Month Six began, the high authority link building efforts throughout the first five months helped Exceptional Villas’ on-site/off-site authority surpass the impact of its relatively young age as a site.

Exceptional Villas was released from the ‘sandbox’ due to Google recognizing the authoritativeness of the site’s on-site and off-site SEO – a product of our partnership and guidance with the company. From that moment forward, the site has seen significant growth that has contributed to a holistic scaling of the Exceptional Villas organization.

“They’ve provided detailed advice about how SEO works and show measurable growth SEO brings to our company.”


Results and ROI

848% Increase in Total Keywords on Google

In 12 months, the total number of ranking keywords increase by over 848%. Exceptional Villas began their Victorious partnership with 945 total keywords ranked on Google. By the one-year mark, the site was ranking for an incredible 8,010 keywords.


Increased Total Search Engine Organic Traffic by 544%

Arguable the most important metric of success for an SEO campaign is the increase in organic search traffic. By implementing a SEO campaign designed by our strategists, the Exceptional Villas site increased annual organic traffic by 544%, cementing its position on Google and securing a long-term future of search engine traffic and revenue.


277% Annual Return on SEO Investment

At the end of the day, SEO’s biggest job is to generate a net positive return on investment. At Victorious, we track ROI in every campaign, so you can conveniently understand how much revenue organic search traffic is generating. For Exceptional Villas, we tracked a 277% net-positive position within the first 12 months of our partnership.

7,065 New Keywords Ranked

With the thematic keyword research and approach we take at Victorious, our customers rank for much more than our target keyword phrases. For Exceptional Villas, although we only targeted 100 specific keywords, the global footprint of our SEO work increased their total keyword rankings by 7,065 brand new keywords. That means Exceptional Villas is ranking for 7,065 searches that they were not ranking for before joining Victorious.


“Victorious is so easy to work with, very proactive and completely transparent.”