Local SEO Case Study: Tailors' Keep

How Victorious increased total revenue by 500% in six months to build a thriving local company and help an entrepreneur reach his dreams.

“I felt like I was a small fish in a big pond.”


How we started

We started on this project with Tailors’ Keep in October of 2016.

Ryan was locally connected to our team and reached out in serious SEO need. What was the problem? Ryan’s store, Tailors’ Keep, is a beautifully designed men’s shop in the heart of Downtown San Francisco. They make exceptionally well-made men’s clothing, and have a loyal customer base.

However, the sheer amount of competition was choking Ryan’s growth. With the high overhead in downtown San Francisco comes a thrive-or die-business model. And with a low footprint on organic search and zero digital leads coming into the store, Tailors’ Keep was struggling to thrive.

All he knew was that if his business was going to make it in the competitive landscape of the Bay Area, they would need to rank on Google’s search results. It wasn’t just a matter of increasing brand awareness for the company, but could become an entirely new avenue through which the hundreds of people searching for suiting options in the Bay Area could be introduced to Ryan himself.

“Obviously when searching for an SEO company, you start with a Google search. When they came up first, I knew something was right.”

The SEO strategy we used

Though Ryan had only minor exposure to SEO in the past, our first meeting allowed opportunity for education and empowerment. Our team of strategists set his current situation within the greater context of search engine marketing, offering clearly defined tactics and processes that we would engage in to allow Tailors’ Keep the opportunity to outrank his competitors for highly-desired keyword searches.

After that first meeting, it was clear to Ryan that Victorious’ focus on transparency and customer care, partnered with a data-driven campaign tailored specifically for his industry and target audience, would give him the best chance for success.

But it didn’t stop there. Our team spent hours with Ryan to understand Tailors’ Keep’s long-term goals, ensuring that our team would fit seamlessly into his current marketing endeavors. The final product? A healthy customer-agency relationship and a strategy poised to deliver results with pinpoint accuracy.

On Page Optimization

Tailor’s Keep has a naturally attractive aesthetic, and it translates into the design of their website. But the site was built for beauty, not performance. We took a delicate approach to not touch or modify any of the aesthetic pieces of the site while still staying true to creating a perfected SEO website.

Google MyBusiness Boost

One large piece of this project has been MyBusiness Optimization for Tailors’ Keep’s local business page. This page is what shows up when a local search for “mens suits san francisco” shows up in the Maps section for results.

Ryan and his team agreed that optimizing this page so that they show in maps results would drive significant foot traffic to the store. This would be the driving key performance indicator of the campaign: Getting Tailor’s Keep into the Maps stack.

Citation Building

To help achieve this goal, we planned a robust citation campaign to support these Maps goals. Citations built on authoritative sites with Tailor’s Keep’s NAP (Name, Address, Phone) add SEO authority on a local level to the company’s Maps result.

By coupling this with Victorious proprietary on page local SEO optimization through geo-tagging and map stack integration, the citations receiving an even greater boost of SEO juice.

Press Release Portfolio Dilution

Victorious’ direct partnerships with press release sites (no PRnewswire here) allowed us to generate high-quality, content driven press releases for Tailor’s Keep that were distributed on hundreds of quality websites. This created a healthy dilution of Tailor’s Keep’s backlink portfolio to ensure anchor texts for other backlinks were not at an unhealthy exact-match level.

This was built into our campaign because, although a high level of exact-match anchors would give a big short boost in results, it would not results in long-term SEO growth in the Maps stack, which was our #1 goal.

High Domain Authority Links

To really drive home Tailor’s Keeps newly authoritative positioning in the Google Map stack, Victorious integrated our industry leading link building process into their campaign. Our direct relationships with high domain authority websites with industry relevancy allowed us to laser focus on quality, not quantity, of back links.

“For someone who didn’t understand SEO, Victorious gave me a crystal clear process for improving our site that even I could understand. They legitimately empowered me to understand SEO and their process.”

What we achieved for Tailor’s Keep

Simply put – the results of Victorious’ SEO campaign has literally changed Tailor’s Keep’s, and Ryan’s, trajectory as a thriving bespoke men’s suiting company in San Francisco.

Local Google Search Results

We over-performed and over-delivered our KPI: Tailor’s Keep is in the local Google Map Stack for 18 of their top priority keywords. This was from a combination of Local On Page Optimization, Citation Building, and Press Releases.


Organic Search Traffic Increased 662%

With the correct keywords ranking on the first page of Google, we were able to increase Tailor’s Keeps organic search traffic by 662% in only six months. How? Our process-driven SEO methodology is applicable to any website at any stage of growth.


Target Keyword Increases

Every keyword we targeted went from unranked to the first four pages of Google search. This was from improving the On Page SEO of Tailor’s Keep’s website and coupling the changes with high authority link building.


Total Keywords Ranked

We tripled the amount of total keywords Tailor’s Keep was ranking for on Google. By thematic researching and targeting keywords, we not only improved results for our 50 target keywords, but for hundreds of additional, thematic keywords phrases as well.


Total Revenue Increased by 500%

The biggest number, and the one we are most proud of, is the total revenue increase of 500% in 6 months. Why? Because at the end of the day, this isn’t about keyword growth or organic traffic. It’s about transforming and improving a business that wants to succeed in the market. We are most proud of the moments when we make a difference in someone’s life and our hard work helps them achieve their dreams.

“Partnering with Victorious is hands-down the best decision I’ve ever made for Tailor’s Keep. We went from struggling to thriving – and it would have never happened without their help.”