SaaS SEO Case Study: Botpress

How Victorious opened the doors for Botpress in an emerging market and increased their organic traffic by more than 500%

“Very professional team and approach.”


How we started

In March of 2017, Botpress found our SEO agency and began a partnership. The hope was to build out a strong SEO presence for their new website. Without much internal SEO experience, the team needed a technical SEO expert.
When building out a new website, one of the main things that came to mind was the site’s need for valuable content. Botpress has a very unique product, chatbots, that finds itself in the midst of an emerging market. As such, Victorious saw an opportunity to optimize their site for up-and-coming phrases. This allowed Botpress to take advantage of the market as a ‘first mover’.
By projecting the growth of the chatbot market, Victorious saw the need to solidify Botpress as an authority in its niche industry. With this in mind, Victorious developed a campaign strategy that ensures Botpress’ website foundation was well-formed and nurtured early on as the industry’s popularity grows.

The SEO strategy we used

Botpress’ niche industry posed a unique challenge for us. We had to shift our perspective when conducting our Thematic Keyword Research. In collaborating with Botpress, we asked ourselves, “What kinds of phrases are people are using to search for chatbots?”.

Working in a particularly niche industry, two truths held true:

  1. Terminology was a key factor in reaching our target audience
  2. Communicating authority and value to search engine spiders is equally as important

Victorious collaborated with Botpress to create a Thematic Keyword Strategy that included: five target pages and 50 target keywords, ten keywords per page. Our identified keywords would ultimately influence thousands of other semantically related keywords.

We recommended for Botpress to build out dedicated pages for each theme, with content that their visitors would find valuable. Often times in partnerships, this recommendation is met with pushback, and understandably so. Yet, Botpress chose to trust us and moved forward with the campaign strategy and we’re glad they did.
The content build out process was time intensive. In total, it took one month to draft the content for each target page and an additional 15 blog posts. This also included time budgeted to implement mission critical site development work. All content followed Victorious’ SEO best practices for content optimization. As a result, it ensured the content served the overarching keyword strategy identified at the start of the campaign.
Once the content went live, Victorious sent backlinks to each of the target pages. As always, we then asked ever-so-humbly for the mighty Google to recrawl and reindex the site. Overnight, Botpress saw massive jumps. Six months later, the trust we’ve built with Botpress through transparency and data-driven results has led to a long-term, scalable relationship. Currently, we’re continuing to build out site pages and reach new markets in the industry.

What we achieved for Botpress

Now to put our money where our mouth is.

Expanding Their Keyword Pipeline

In April, Botpress ranked for a total of 24 keywords. Only 3 keywords ranked on the first page of search engine result pages (SERPs). Over 70% of them ranking on pages five through ten on SERPs. Fast forward to September 2017 – Botpress is on the first page of SERPs a total of 21 times for thematic keywords we targeted in our initial keyword research.

SEO Results

Net Aggregate Increase of 3526 Positions on Google Search Results

Botpress experienced another huge increase in total positions improved for tracked keywords on Google and Bing SERPs. Since April 2017, Botpress has seen a net aggregate growth of 3,526 positions on Google SERPs and 282 place on Bing SERPs.

500%+ Growth in Organic Traffic

In addition, the organic traffic reaching the site increased exponentially. In April 2017, Botpress’ site saw 583 organic sessions on their site. After our pilot six month campaign, Botpress’ site saw over 500% growth in organic traffic, bringing in over 3,500 organic sessions in the month of September alone.