Victorious Link Building

Link building is the most valuable step in the Victorious SEO process. Perfect your site’s backlink portfolio with links that drive true organic ranking growth.


Our link building process

High Domain Authority

Victorious works with thousands of websites and blogs that have high domain authority, thus passing the authority to you when active links are built. Each website is meticulously analyzed before being approved.

Thematic Relevance

The second aspect of website qualification for our link building campaigns is thematic relevance. Links are only built on sites that retain semantically thematic content to ensure you receive the right kind of authority.

Anchor Text Optimization

Before links are built, the Victorious team of experts conducts anchor text analysis of your website and your largest competitors. This data-driven approach allows us to scientifically choose anchor text for every link built.

Two months into working with Victorious and we’re already astounded with the results. We’ve already seen a 28% boost in organic traffic, and they’ve drastically exceeded our set KPI goals on keyword rankings. The entire team operates with a transparency that I have yet to see from competing agency and I’m excited to see the campaign continue as we grow our partnership!




Industry | SaaS
Campaign length | 3+ months
Results | 28% traffic growth


Why Victorious?

Real time data

The waiting game is over. Launching an SEO campaign with Victorious includes access to VictoriousAnalytics®, a real-time reporting platform that puts all SEO-data at your fingertips. Log in at any time of the day and see current keyword rankings, organic traffic growth, and more.

Scalable campaigns

Launching a startup with limited capital? No problem. Want to test our process before ramping up budget? Sounds good to us. With Victorious, all campaigns are structured to allow for seamless scalability. We’ll prove our model and you’ll see revenue soar.

Provable ROI

By setting a data-centric foundation for each campaign, we can granularly track organic traffic revenue attribution through the VictoriousAnalytics® platform. Never guess again if SEO is generating a net-positive return – your team and your investors will love the financial insight.

Total visibility

The duplicity of the SEO industry is widely known. So how is Victorious different? We provide a revolutionary level of transparency into our campaigns – from backlink acquisition to on page optimization – so you can trust us to get the job done.

Total Transparency

Victorious Analytics ®

  • Track keyword growth for all of your target phrases
  • Watch organic traffic skyrocket every month
  • Analyze conversion pathways and actual ROI

Our Process

Link Building Campaigns

Before diving in with the full audit you always want to take time to make sure you understand what your main goals and your main targets are. SEO is a means to an end, not the end itself. Are you looking to increase organic traffic 50%? Improve rankings around a small but crucial list of keywords? Recover from previous Google penalties? Beating certain competitors?

While it’s easy to just “want to rank better” or “get more traffic,” these don’t give a clear direction. When you have a clear view of what your main goals are, that gives you a way to look at the data that comes out of a good in-depth audit and use it in a direct way to get you closer to your intended goals.

Once you understand your main goals and focus, then you can get into breaking down a full length audit (and the larger and more complex your website, the longer this step is going to take)

We’ve developed a handful of Victorious best practices for link building because we’ve found that off page optimization and an effective link building strategy link building strategy is crucial in establishing your business as an authority in the sea of competitors.

Victorious has link building relationships with over 33,000 sites. We have ultimate control over the entire link building process. We have the ability to rectify any problems or adjust any improperly built links. For instance, if we have a link built out on a URL, and that that URL’s domain authority falls below 30, we can have the post removed, which not many SEO agencies can do or will do. However, we tend to keep it and build an additional link on a DA 30+ site which effectively gives clients two links for the effort of one. In addition, we don’t take links down after working with a client, a popular unethical business practice that many SEO agencies employ. But that isn’t the Victorious way.  

Another way we do link building differently is by implementing thematic keyword research into our anchor text usage. Thematic keyword research is effective in boosting a site’s authority over that theme/niche in the eyes of search engine “spiders”. If the anchor text chosen proves a negative impact on a site’s rankings (which is uncommon, but possible) we can modify the anchor text. If there are any errors in content in which your links reside, we can have it edited and adjusted appropriately. This is what we mean by total control.

Lastly, we conduct anchor text analysis, which looks at competitors anchor text mix, allowing us to get an average anchor text mix for our clients respected target keywords. This practice ultimately allows us to be extremely strategic and calculated in the anchor text we build, ensuring we’re doing the best damn link building we can.

Domain Authority (or DA) is a query-independent measure of how likely a domain is to rank for any given query. Moz developed domain authority as a score from 0-100 that is based on a handful of link metrics such as the number of total links and links to root domains into a single score.

DA is calculated by analyzing the Internet’s domain graph and comparing a given domain to tens of thousands of queries in Google. In order to have a good domain authority score, a site must have a multitude of high-quality external links, thus relying on the efforts of off-page link building optimization to generate those external links over time.

At Victorious, we utilize domain authority scores when creating SEO campaigns as well as in our link building. When building out links, we use DA scores to know which domains to target for links and which to avoid. If we see a domain authority score under 30, we tend to avoid the site and aim for higher DA scores to properly boost a site’s DA score.

Technically speaking, anchor text is hyperlinked text. Anchor text serves as a signal for search engine “spiders” use to categorize the site the link is pointing to. Search engines begin to affix anchor text and the themes they follow to a site, which is taken into account when ranking against competitors that use similar anchor texts.

This develops a theme for what a site offers and provides, which in time begins to create authority over that theme/niche, boosting a site’s authority over that niche to the eyes of search engines.



8+ months


190% increase in total keywords ranked
94% year-over-year growth in organic traffic
47% increase in keywords on Google first page

Quick response times, and helpful throughout the process of our campaign and website redesign. The team has great technical knowledge that separates them from many other SEO agencies.


How We Track Link Building ROI



Increasing traffic to a website is a tough egg to crack. Deciphering how to magically attract Internet users to your website is tricky, but it’s necessary when the top driver of traffic on the Internet is through search. A website needs to be search engine optimized while providing rich, informative content that your business’ ideal demographic will find useful.

Optimizing your website through on-page and off-page SEO practices helps grow organic traffic by implementing specific attributes into your website that search engine crawlers would deem worthy of authority, which in turn sits you higher up on search engine result pages.

The more search engines crawl your site and find useful content, correct backlinking, proper keyword usage and the like, the better a site ranks on search engines, which in turn drives more traffic towards your site.

Integrating SEO strategies to grow organic traffic provides better long term results than PPC traffic while being more cost effective and more valuable to your website’s ranking and growth.



A click through rate refers to how often people click on a CTA, email, or ad on your website. This metric gauges how well your keywords and CTA’s are performing. Seeing CTR’s for each keyword and ad on your website can help adjust those that aren’t performing well. CTR’s help to determine whether or not the organic traffic generated by an SEO campaign is qualified traffic, as well as, if the leads generated can be classified as marketing qualified leads. Tracking organic traffic throughout the marketing funnel helps to facilitate the appropriate stage of when to pursue qualified leads.




Depending on the size of business, goal tracking and ecommerce tracking help to communicate the effectiveness of an SEO campaign. All Victorious SEO campaigns utilize goal and ecommerce tracking to show just how effective SEO is working. Tracking these metrics conveys the process of increased traffic turning into increased leads and increased leads turning into an increase in revenue.

Our customers see an average 343% annual growth in organic traffic.


“Awesome, data driven, no B.S. approach to SEO. At the end of the day, results speak for themselves.”