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Optimize your site with a Battle Audit®.

Your website must be audited by a qualified SEO expert. If you do not have a solid on-site structure, Google will limit your rankings and organic traffic. Overlooking this new reality will continue to make it more difficult to rank as the standards increase. The new criteria for the Search Experience Optimization Era could be the most important SEO investment you will ever make.


The Victorious Battle Audit ® is boot camp for websites.

For any site to be a success in Google’s search results, we have to concentrate on both on-site and off-site optimization. They both are crucial to rankings.

We see a 15-20% average increase in Google organic search engine traffic over the course of 4 months when a Battle Audit is conducted.

These are sites where the we’re diligently making the recommended on-site changes in combination with the monthly SEO strategy campaigns.

In many cases we’ve noticed large increases as high as 50% after only the first four months, after all of the major Battle Audit work is completed.  We have also seen an credible number of keywords ranked high in Google’s search engine.

Send in a request to speak with a Battle Expert and we’ll show you how much your organic search results can improve from a Battle Audit.

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