SEO Statistics for 2023 That Actually Matter

Need to support your digital marketing decisions? These search engine optimization statistics help showcase why SEO is such a critical marketing channel.

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Boost Visibility With These 5 Local SEO Tips for Marijuana Dispensaries

Local SEO is a powerful tool that can help your dispensary stand out in a crowded market. By leveraging these five local SEO strategies, you can enhance your online visibility, attract more...

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How To Add Users to Google My Business

Ready to make the most of local search? You’ll want to learn how to add a user to Google My Business so your strategist can optimize your business listing and boost your online presence.

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How To Do an SEO Link Analysis

Backlinks monitoring can help you assess the quality and effectiveness of your link building campaigns. Learn why an SEO backlink analysis is part of a comprehensive SEO strategy and which SEO tools...

Creating a Content Strategy To Survive Google SGE

Is SGE making you rethink your content strategy? If not — it’s time to take a step back and consider the implications of AI-assisted search for your content’s organic reach. Read on to uncover...

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SEO and Accessibility: Supercharge Your UX

SEO and accessibility can work together to create a great user experience that truly welcomes your site visitors. Make sure you connect with your entire target audience — here’s what you need to...

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SEO for Lead Gen: Supporting Your Sales Team With a Robust Strategy

SEO lead generation involves maximizing your search visibility to drive more potential customers to your website. But how can you increase that search traffic? Find the answer below.

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Google PageSpeed Insights vs. Lighthouse: Which Measures Site Performance Best?

Concerned about how quickly your web pages are loading? Not sure how to best measure page speed? Read on to learn more about two important page speed tools: Google PageSpeed Insights and Google...

The Best Blog Post & Article Writing Template for SEO Optimized Content

You know you need an SEO content strategy, but you’re not sure where to start. I’ve been there! That’s why I’m sharing my blog post template to help you systematize content production and...

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How To Track SEO Conversions: 10 Metrics To Check

Knowing how to track SEO conversions is the first step in tying your SEO goals directly to revenue generation. Read on to learn how to use Google Analytics to track the value of your organic traffic.

14 SEO KPIs To Help You Measure Success

Monitoring the effectiveness of your SEO activities is critical for iterating a successful strategy. But how do you know what to measure? Here are 14 important SEO KPIs you should keep an eye on....

What Is EEAT & How Does It Influence SEO?

You’ve probably heard talk about Google E-A-T guidelines, and maybe seen the updated EAT acronym: EEAT, but what does E-E-A-T mean? This comprehensive guide breaks it all down and gets real about...

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JavaScript SEO: Make Sure Your Site Is Indexable

JavaScript can enhance your user experience — but you need to implement it in a way that won’t affect Google’s ability to index your site. Otherwise, the JS elements that make your site...

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12 Dispensary Marketing Ideas To Grow Your Customer Base

Growth is critical for maintaining a business — regardless of industry. But with more dispensaries opening up, it’s even more important for cannabis companies. Building awareness and driving more...

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Integrate Your Content Marketing and SEO To Maximize Search Visibility

If you think you need to choose between creating high-quality content and search-optimized content — think again. When you fuel your content marketing strategy with SEO, you extend the reach of...

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Navigating the Complexities of Cannabis Marketing With SEO

Need to connect with new customers and stay compliant? Investing in SEO can help you do both.

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Best Strategies for a Compliant Dispensary Digital Marketing Campaign

Compliance is an outsized concern for cannabis dispensaries. Failing to comply with state or provincial regulations can lead to large fines or revocation of your license. Rather than jeopardizing...

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How To Build a Hub and Spoke Content Model To Drive Your SEO

The hub and spoke content model provides an organizational structure to help mold your content creation and help you publish related pieces. If your current content isn’t yielding results,...

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SEO Secrets: Uncover Competitor Keywords

An SEO competitor analysis can help you pinpoint valuable keywords so you can increase your visibility in Google search results. Learn how to find competitor keywords so you can create more...