When it comes to search engine optimization, the mantra “content is king” always applies. Updating the information that visitors will read on your website will go a long way in generating traffic, and one way of doing this is to create better content.

    Unfortunately, the sad fact is that your competitors are doing the same thing so you need to come up with more enticing blog posts and site content than them.

    Ways To Create Better Content

    Here are 10 strategies you need to implement to create better content than your competition.

    1. The Shorter The URL, The Better

    Shortening your URL increases your chances of ranking better in the search engines. You should target a URL that is only 60-70 characters long. The top ranked URLs are even shorter at only 50 characters.

    2. Use Content That The Competition Has Ignored

    If you realize that your competition is using written content only, then do something better by using content that they have ignored. Interactive content such as infographics, videos, or animation converts a lot better than static content.

    3. Think Of A Better Title

    The first thing that your visitors will see in your blog post or site page is the title so make it as catchy as possible. The title creates a first impression of your content.

    You can be creative as possible with your title. You can use a question, present your post as a list, or use a controversial title.

    4. Readability Drives Traffic

    Making your content readable is another great way of attracting audience to your website.

    There are several ways you can improve the flow of your content to make it pleasing to the eyes of your readers. You can use bullet points to break up your content or format it as a list. Likewise, you can write short paragraphs to drive your point.

    5. Improve The Structure Of Your Content

    When users search for something, they want their answers right away so you would want your content to be direct to the point. Depending on your target audience, you should also be diversifying your format.

    create better content for your site visitors and followers

    6. Need For Speed

    Users do not have all the time in the world when searching for content. Roughly 4 in every 10 readers will abandon a site if it loads longer than 3 seconds.

    Similarly, every second your website takes longer to load translates to a 7% decrease in conversion rates. Use the smallest image size possible to boost the speed of loading.

    7. Use Bigger Fonts

    You don’t want your readers getting a magnifying glass just to read the content of your website. The top ranked pages use a font size of 15.8 pixels on the average.

    8. Use Professional Photos

    Rather than using stock photos over and over again, you can consider taking your own photographs. With the bevy of smartphones having the capability to take HD pictures, this can be an easy job.

    9. Make It More Visual

    Visual content is processed much faster than written ones. Ninety percent of transmitted information is visual. In Twitter, for example, tweets with images are retweeted 150% more, according to Buffer.

    10. Make Your Content Linkable and Shareable

    Adding more links and shares to your website increases its attractiveness to your target audience. Most of the top ranked pages have more links and shares than their competition.

    Take note of these strategies to create better content, and you can look forward to getting more traffic on your website.

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