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Improve Your Google Maps Ranking With SEO

Concerned about your Google Maps business listing? Want to appear higher in local search results? Google Maps SEO can increase your visibility and help you connect with more local customers.

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How To Take Advantage of 2024 SEO Trends

Looking to update your SEO strategy but not sure what to factor in? Take a look at the changes you can expect this year and beyond and keep them in mind when structuring your next campaign.

SEO Secrets: Uncover Competitor Keywords

An SEO competitor analysis can help you pinpoint valuable keywords so you can increase your visibility in Google search results. Learn how to find competitor keywords so you can create more...

Google Reviews SEO: Your Questions Answered

If you don’t have a review process in place to encourage and manage reviews — it’s past time to enact one. Reviews are a valuable part of local SEO and building customer relationships. Earning...

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Google Business Insights: Unlock Your Potential

Google Business Insights and Performance allow you to monitor the effectiveness of your Business Profile. Learn more about the metrics you can track and what they mean for your business below!

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How To Change Your Business Address on Google Maps

Make sure potential customers can find you — keep your Google Maps location up to date. Learn two easy ways to update your info via Search or your Google Business Profile below!

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How To Add Holiday Hours to Google Business Profile

Provide potential customers with the info they need by updating your Google Business Profile holiday hours. Whether you’re closed for professional development, observing a particular holiday, or...

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Best Types of Schema Markup for SEO

One of the best ways to increase click-throughs from search engine results is to provide searchers with more info. And that’s exactly what schema markup can help you do. Learn how to make the most...

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Why Content Pruning Helps Your SEO (And How To Do It)

Did you know that deleting underperforming content or combining similar posts could actually help your SEO? Learn how to identify pages that aren’t drawing traffic and implement a thoughtful...

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Don’t Lose Rank: Take These Steps To Fix Google Manual Actions

Hit with a manual action penalty? If the Google Search Quality Team flags one or more of your pages, you need to act fast to protect your Google ranking. Here’s what you need to know about manual...

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How To Read Your Google Search Console Structured Data Report

Trying to snag a rich snippet for your video? Want to showcase your reviews on search engine results pages? Structured data gives Google the info it needs to showcase your web pages in SERPs — as...

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Google Business Profile Suspended? Here’s What To Do

Have you been notified your Google Business Profile (GBP) has been suspended? If potential customers can’t find your info via your Google My Business listing, they’ll take their business...

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SEO vs. Local SEO: What’s the Difference & Which Do You Need?

Local businesses who want to maximize their online visibility are often told to engage in local search engine optimization to show up in organic search results. But what does this mean for their...

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Why Updating Your Old Content Is Critical (And How To Do It)

Don’t let your content go stale. Once you’ve invested in great content, update it to ensure it stays fresh and continues to provide value to your readers.

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Technical SEO Guide: What Is Tech SEO?

A good technical SEO strategy makes your website easier to crawl and index, all while improving the user experience. Read on to learn about the technical SEO basics that can have a huge impact on...

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What Is SEO? Search Engine Optimization Basics

Not sure what SEO is or whether you need it for your website? Demystify SEO basics and use our comprehensive resources to learn more about this valuable digital marketing channel.

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