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Google Local Search Update: What Does It Mean For Your Business?

Google has announced an algorithm update to Local Search. What does it mean, and how will it impact your local ranking? Read on to learn more about how you might (or might not) want to change your...

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Google Business Profile: A New Name For Google My Business

The recent updates to Google My Business (now Google Business Profile) have prompted some concerns from small business owners who’ve worked hard on their local SEO. Read on for an overview of...

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Anchor Text: Everything You Need to Know About Anchor Text SEO

By now, you probably know that link building is one of the (many) critical factors to improving your visibility in search results. But did you realize that the words in your links matter just as much...

How Much Does SEO Cost? A Line-By-Line Breakdown

When you ask, “How much does SEO cost?” you usually get the answer, “it depends.” Sure, there are as many ways to pay for SEO as there are service providers. But I want to...

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Domain Authority: What It Is, What It Isn’t & Why It Matters

You’ve probably heard a lot about domain authority, but maybe you’re not sure exactly what domain ranking is and how page authority compares to domain authority. Most importantly, you’re...

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How to Fix: Google Analytics Keyword (Not Provided)

As a marketing professional, gaining access to the keyword “not provided” Google Analytics data can give you a huge SEO advantage. Read on to learn how to unlock “not...

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SEO-for-Show: Why We Might Say No To Your Keyword Requests

Now and then, a customer will ask us to employ an SEO tactic or pursue a keyword theme that, in our experience, won’t be effective in supporting their business goals. Worse than just not working,...

Rel=Canonical URL Tag Guide & SEO Best Practices

Have duplicate content on your website? Use canonical tags and canonical URLS as part of your technical SEO best practices to protect and improve your Google search rankings.

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Five SEO Tips That Capture Holiday Attention and Boost Sales

Between the Q4 rush, the abbreviated weeks due to bank holidays, and having to juggle a litany of “real world” holiday prep, the holidays can often leave us feeling like we have more work than...

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