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5 Tips To Identify & Manage SERP Volatility

Ever have a page rank on page one and then completely drop off search results only to show back up again in a week or two? SERP volatility can leave even experienced SEOs scratching their heads. Read...

Sitemap Examples: XML Best Practices To Optimize for SEO & Google

Make it easier for Google to find your pages — include a sitemap on your website to showcase how your pages relate to each other. Explore a sitemap example, learn how to create sitemap files, and...

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GA4 FAQs: Find Answers to Your Google Analytics Update Questions

Trying to wrap your head around Google Analytics 4? Google is deprecating Universal analytics next July, so it’s time to get a handle on how to implement GA4 if you want to keep measuring the...

Decoding Universal Analytics vs. Google Analytics 4

Not sure what you should be tracking in Google Analytics 4 (GA4)? With Universal Analytics (UA) being sunset in 2023, it’s critical that digital marketers learn the differences between GA4 vs....

How To Create an SEO-Friendly URL Structure

Customizing your URLs and implementing a URL naming convention helps search engine bots and searchers better understand what your page is about. Improve your SERP click-throughs with our best...

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How To Set Up Google Analytics Goals

Maximize the value of Google Analytics (GA) with goals and measure what matters most to your business. Learn how to create each of the five types of goals that Universal Analytics offers.

What Is Googlebot? Everything You Need To Know About Google Indexing

If you’ve found yourself wondering, “what is Googlebot,” get ready to learn about what web crawlers do, site optimizations to improve indexing, and how to analyze your site crawls.

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