Author: Laurel Stewart

Does Analyst Praise for Google Miss the Point?

In a word, yes. Although market pundits herald ad revenue for producing higher-than-anticipated Alphabet earnings in Q2, let's not overlook where the real value lies. Google Search brings in billions...

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SaaS Marketing: Insights & Strategies to Boost Your Visibility

Not sure how to get started with SaaS marketing? Current strategy falling flat? Learn the tools you should use and seven strategies that you can implement right now.

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How Much to Spend on SEO: Budget Strategies That Fit Your Business

Knowing how much to spend on SEO services can be tricky — especially if you’ve been thinking of organic traffic as “free.” While marketers are catching on to the importance of optimizing for...

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8 Ways to Maximize Results From Your Marketing Budget With SEO

When it's time to put together a marketing budget for the coming year, you might find yourself wondering how to get the most from your marketing dollars. A slight adjustment in how you view marketing...

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How To Promote Your Blog with 7 PPC Techniques

Most marketers understand they need to promote their content, but how do you promote your blog while maximizing effectiveness? The following strategies, straight from the experts over at Linear, will...

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Don’t Stop Now! The High Cost of Quitting SEO

Are you thinking about stopping SEO because you haven’t seen results? Maybe you’ve gotten results and think you don’t have to keep optimizing for search? Before you do anything,...

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Why Victorious? A Peek into SEO that Endures

Our rigorous, process-driven approach to SEO is leading the marketing industry and putting our customers at an unparalleled advantage. What is it about our process and ethos that are unique? How do...

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SEO Agencies vs. Digital Marketing Agencies

It seems like from the very beginning, SEO has been at risk of being misunderstood — from black hat SEOs, to salesy one-man shows overcomplicating their explanation of the Google algorithm to try...

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SEO vs. SEM: What is the Difference Between SEO and SEM?

Although the terms are often confused, SEO and SEM are not the same thing. Understanding the difference can help you use SEO and SEM strategically together, to ultimately lower the cost of PPC...

Long-Tail Keywords and Why They Matter

Long-tail keywords help marketers create the best, most targeted, highest quality content. Learn how to leverage them in your content strategy.

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What is Organic Search?

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about organic search engine results, and the difference between organic search and other types of traffic to a website.