Author: Sean Maloney-Mattheisen

The Right Way To Noindex a Page

Noindexing a page helps you reduce index bloat and maximize your crawl budget. But telling Google not to index a page sounds antithetical to getting your pages on page one of search results. Learn...

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What Is X-Default? Better Optimize Your Hreflang Tag

Want your website to have global visibility? Focus on international SEO elements like hreflang and x-default. Here’s what you need to know to help search engines surface the right web pages in the...

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10 Critical Enterprise SEO Metrics To Track

Fine-tune your SEO tracking by pinpointing the metrics that will provide insight into and alignment with your business goals. These 10 enterprise SEO metrics will illustrate how SEO is impacting your...

What Is Link Equity? (And What Does It Mean for SEO?)

Heard of link equity (or link juice) but aren’t really sure what it has to do with search engine optimization (SEO) and getting your web page to rank higher in search results? Read on to learn more...

Conquer SEO Maintenance With These Monthly SEO Tasks

Want to protect your rankings? Looking to grow your organic traffic? Stay on top of search engine optimization tasks and grow your visibility in search results with our SEO maintenance checklist.

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Orphan Pages: Why You Need To Fix Them for SEO & How To Do It

Think Google can easily find any web page you publish? Think again. Internal linking makes crawling your website easier and showcases how your content fits together. Orphan pages — those with no...

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How To Find High Converting Keywords (And Create Content That Drives Traffic)

Want to identify top converting searches? Finding high-converting keywords can help you reach your target audience right when they’re ready to schedule a demo, sign up for your newsletter, or make...

How To Create a Robots.txt File (And Why You Need To)

Control what gets indexed on your website and what doesn’t with a robots.txt file. Learn why they matter for SEO and how to block search engines from crawling certain directories.

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The Ultimate SEO Cheat Sheet for Web and SEO Developers

Improve communication between your marketing team and your web developers. Learn how to talk about different technical SEO needs to get everyone on board with your strategy.

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HTTP vs. HTTPS SEO: Making the Switch to a Secure Site

Still running an HTTP site and wondering whether HTTPS will help your search engine rankings? Here’s what you need to know about these two protocols and how to make the switch to HTTPS.

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