There are two main ways that search engines rank which websites will be at the top of their search engine results pages (SERPs). While on page optimization consists of factors that can be seen directly on a site page, off page optimization consists of factors that boost a site’s rank behind the scenes. Amongst these factors is SEO content syndication. At Victorious SEO, we don’t use content syndication in the sense that most are familiar with. Let’s take a look at what Victorious’s content syndication is, how it differs from the “normal” content you see in syndication network sites, why we use syndicated content instead of publishing press releases, and why syndicated content is an SEO best practice of ours.

    What is Victorious’s SEO Styled Syndicated Content?

    Until recently, we used to provide global press releases in our SEO campaigns. However, our team realized that press releases and the connotations that come with them cause more confusion with customers who don’t entirely understand why we do them. We’ll go into that more later.

    Since redirecting our efforts, we’ve developed our content syndication services. While “normal” web syndication refers to content that exists on a website and is then duplicated and released on other URLs in websites of other syndication partners, our SEO syndicated content strategy is different in a few ways.

    First off, our syndicated content isn’t a duplication of content already existing on a site, as what other content syndication platforms do. The content is created uniquely and not duplicated from pre-existing content. This ensures that we reap the benefits of having original content with backlinks spread throughout it, without spamming the Internet with published content that existed before the syndication. The second difference between our definition of syndicated content and the classic definition by other content syndication companies is that ours exists on the Internet as a blog post. And while the differences between our way of creating syndicated content and the classic way are important, what’s more important is why we claim SEO syndicated content as an SEO best practice.

    Why is Syndicated Content an SEO Best Practice?

    In terms of off page SEO optimization, it’s important that all the behind the scenes aspects of it are reflecting SEO best practices. Syndicating content is a great tool of ours for diluting a site’s backlink profile.

    By creating content on content syndication sites, we’re able to generate links with generic anchor texts back to targeted pages, so that keyword rich anchor text from guest posts are more effective. In addition to that, our ability to generate unique content with specific anchor text helps to dilute a site’s backlink profile so they can compete better with their competitors.

    Off page SEO focuses on generating visibility to a site through certain practices being implemented into a website’s infrastructure. Syndicated content, SEO-wise, has the versatility to build authority to targeted site pages, as well as expand the type of backlinks that exist for a site, which determines how well they compete with other sites in their vertical.

    The best SEO companies in the USA are ones that disrupt the industry with new, effective tools and processes, so ensure your SEO agency is giving you the results you want!


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