We often hear the question: So, how long do I have to do SEO on my website?

    If you’re asking yourself the same question, here’s the honest answer we tell everyone:

    SEO never truly ends.Truth is, SEO is an ever-evolving process, for however long your website is living, that is how long you should be applying SEO tactics.

    How Can You Continue to Optimize Your Website?

    Since an SEO campaign will continuously need to be worked on, it’s necessary to have optimization tools in your back pocket.  That is where SEO Chrome extensions come in handy. 

    Here at Victorious, we find ourselves using these tools literally every day. From our sales team to our strategy team, we find these quick and easy SEO addons useful to instantly optimize websites.

    So strap on your boots and get ready to explore which SEO extensions will be most beneficial to optimizing your website.

    DIY: Useful Audit Tools that Go a Long Way

    The first way you can begin optimizing your website is with audit tools, the purpose of a technical SEO audit is to uncover areas of your website that hinder search engines from crawling and indexing your site. The end goal of an audit should be to find areas of opportunity that will help increase your authority to search engines like Google.

    Without further ado, I now present the top seven auditing SEO Chrome extensions for on-page optimization.  


    SEO Chrome Extension- Wappalyzer
    Ever visit a website and wonder what CMS it’s running? Or whether it’s using a retargeting service? The Wappalyzer plugin is a useful extension that can instantly detect what software or services a website is running under its hood.

    One reason Wappalyzer is a great Chrome SEO extension is that it can identify 66 different website categories of technology. From looking at what CMS (content management system) a website is using, to how a website is tracking their ROI (i.e. Google Analytics), you will be able to gain valuable insight with the click of a button.

    SEO Meta in 1 Click

    SEO Meta in 1 Click is one of the most helpful SEO Chrome extensions that allows a user to view a website’s metadata and content markup. With this extension, the user is given a breakdown of 5 major on-page SEO categories like Headers, Images, and Links. Each section has relevant SEO data-points that you can quickly identify – such as whether a page is canonicalized or whether it has a robots tag.

    You can use SEO Meta in 1 Click to get snapshot information around:

    • Page Titles
    • Meta Descriptions
    • URL structuring
    • Canonical tag
    • Meta-Robots Tag
    • Header Composition
    • Image metadata
    • Social media metadata
    • Robots.txt and XML Sitemap links
    • Useful links to other tools

    This SEO Chrome Extension will give you deeper insight into if you’re using SEO best practices, such as making sure a meta description isn’t too long and cutting off vital information.

    SEO Meta in 1 Click should also help paint a clearer picture for you around where to focus your efforts to make sure your website is optimized.

    Ayima Redirect Path

    SEO Chrome Extension-Ayima
    Ayima Redirect Path is an effective Chrome SEO extension that flags 301, 302, 404 and 500 HTTP status codes, as well as any client-side redirects like Meta and Javascript redirects. Ayima Redirect Path is unique because it looks at your pages from Google’s perspective.

    Improper redirects can crush your rankings. If an important page on your website has a 302 redirect, you’ll lose organic equity to that page and it’ll drop in search literally overnight. It’s important to convert all of your 302 redirects into permanent 301’s, and Ayima’s insights make it simple to identify which pages on your site are 302ing.

    Ayima also helps with identifying and rectifying 404 errors on your website. Every URL that doesn’t exist should result in a 404 status without any redirects involved, as opposed to a 200 status code redirect which indicates to search engines that the error page they landed on is actually alive and legitimate page. This is important from an SEO standpoint because search engines can spend your crawl budget crawling pages that hold no value to your website instead of legitimate pages with useful content on it. 

    You can see an example of Ayima Redirect Path live in action below. We recommend configuring your CMS to display a 404 page. 


    SEO Chrome Extension- MozBar
    If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop in SEO Chrome extensions, you can’t go wrong with Mozbar. It provides a ton of metrics on any specific URL or search engine results page.

    There are three main problems that MozBar is meant to solve:

    1. SERP Analysis
    2. Site/Competitor Research
    3. Link Profile Analysis

    Beyond those issues, you can also use MozBar for on-page elements, general attributes, schema markup, and HTTP statuses.  It also quickly assesses the Page Authority or Domain Authority on any site that you are visiting.

    Lastly, Mozbar also provides practical information around keyword rankings, backlinks, and other crucial SEO metrics; allowing you to stay in the loop about your own pages and your competitor pages, at all times.

    Web Developer

    SEO Chrome Extension- Web Developer
    As the name suggests, the Web Developer SEO toolbar for Chrome offers a range of web developer tools and features that make it easier to recognize common technical SEO dilemmas. 

    There are a number of ways to use this Extension. For example, you are able to turn off Javascript and Cookies to check if your site architecture is easy to follow (Google can’t read Javascript!). You are also able to check the headers, alt text tags, and other developer data in seconds. 

    Google Tag Assistant

    Google Tag Assitant- SEO Extension
    The Google Tag Assistant is a dope SEO Chrome extension – created by Google itself to help users troubleshoot the installation of various Google tags such as Google Analytics, Tag Manager and Adwords Conversion Tracking.

    Google Tag Assistant allows you to verify that the tags on your page are installed correctly, showing you which tags are present on which page, and alerting you to any errors that may occur.

    Google AMP Validator

    SEO Extensions-AMP
    The last SEO for Chrome auditing extension that we will be reviewing is specifically for news publications. It’s called Google AMP Validator. AMP stands for “accelerated mobile pages”, this extension recommends ways to boost your mobile web page speed.

    Google AMP Validator is an open-source framework for delivering better performance while viewing pages on a mobile device. It will not only tell you if any given page is an AMP page, but it will also show you if there are any errors that could be impeding your mobile SERP.

    Keyword Strategies Aren’t Built in a Day

    No matter what you’re doing, you’re always going to need a stable foundation. Whether you’re building a house out of bricks or a house out of cards, having a sturdy base will determine your success. 

    Every great SEO Campaign starts with a solid foundation of keywords, they are the most important element to effective SEO.

    When you’re running your keyword research, it’s always best practice to have themes for each page. This will ensure that your keywords tie together and there’s additional support to the primary keyword. 

    Keywords Everywhere

    If you want your content to flourish, the Keywords Everywhere SEO extension is where you should be planting your seeds. This SEO tool is hard to beat!

    Keywords Everywhere gathers data on search volume, competition level, CPC information, and even the related keywords that people search for. These metrics will shed light on which keywords will bring you the most bank for your buck without spending a dime. 

     By using this tool, you open up a door to a collection of keywords that your audience is searching for. Thus, resulting in saving you time and helping you make more strategic decisions on keywords to target. 
    Keywords Everywhere- SEO Addons

    Surfer SEO

    Everybody goes surfin’…Surfin’ SEO Surfer SEO, unfortunately, does not involve any surfing pups. However, it’s a Chrome SEO extension that provides data in SERPs, similar to Keywords Everywhere. 

    With this tool, you’re able to reveal search volume and find additional keywords and terms that could improve your keyword research. Whoever wants to be more strategic in targeting keywords – this should be your go-to SEO Chrome extension.Surfer SEO- chrome addon

    Not only are you able to build keyword themes for each page, but you’re also able to take a peek into your backlink profile. With Surfer SEO, you’re able to get an inside look at the quality of your backlinks and estimated organic traffic for anyone in the SERPs. 

    SERP Counter

    Even if you know how to do basic math, the SERP Counter is a useful tool to have handy.

    SERP Counter adds a number next to each search engine result, so you can quickly identify what position your website is in.SEO Addon- SERP Counter

    While this may not seem like a huge deal, when you start going through multiple SERPs looking for a specific website, it can be a big-time suck, having the number readily available next to each result can save you some major time.

    Although it’s slower, you can also configure Google Search to show you 100 results per page, this will give you a great overview of the top 100 results ranking in Google for any given query.SERP

    The Heart of SEO

    As everyone knows, backlinks are an integral part of any successful SEO campaign. Some even say it’s the heart of SEO, meaning it keeps your SEO campaign flowing.

    When you receive a high authority link back from another website, it shows that you are an authority to Google, therefore helping you rank better on search engines. 


    It’s important that you’re keeping a close eye on your backlinks. Any lag between a toxic link publishing and your removal of it from your portfolio can affect your rankings. The last thing you want is crappy links being crawled by Google without you knowing about it. This is where Majestic, an SEO toolbar for Chrome can step in and help. SEO Extension- MajesticMajestic keeps track of:

    • The number of links that point back to the specific page
    • The quantity of your links scored out of 100 (Citation Flow)
    • The quality of your links scored out of 100 (Trust Flow)
    • A profile chart to track your trust flow and citation flow
    • The number of backlinks to your domain and subdomain

    With Majestic, you’ll gain valuable insight into your backlink profile, and be able to find links to disavow that aren’t providing you any significance. 

    Wrapping Up

    In this article, we’ve explored some of the most useful SEO extensions for you to take advantage of, and add to your Chrome browser to perform basic on-page optimization, keyword research and review your backlink profile. 

    These tools will ultimately provide you with more insight into your website and give you tactics to optimize your website more effectively. Good luck ✌️

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