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Companies want to run along with the fast-paced world, and this is why digital marketing has gained momentum in recent years. Search engine optimization (SEO), for instance, has evolved in dramatic fashion over the years, and it’s a shame if your company cannot catch up with the future of SEO.

How To Maximize the Future of SEO Today

If you want your SEO strategies to be future-proof, here are four things that you need to change in your SEO plan right now:

1. Discover the use of Accelerated Mobile Pages

These days, a lot of people perform online search using their mobile gadgets. This is where Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) come in handy.

To boost your company website’s SEO, you have to be able to redesign your pages so that they get displayed on mobile phones, tablets, and other similar gadgets. Considered as diet HTML, AMPs are effective tools for companies to reconfigure their websites for instant viewing through mobile search.

2. Learn more about the purpose of Knowledge Graph

In SEO, search ranking is probably one of the goals that you are aiming for. Since it is the goal of Google to provide a quick, reliable and efficient search experience for its users, algorithms and updates on Knowledge Graph are all directed to reaching this goal.

Knowledge Graph serves as Google’s database, which the search giant uses to analyze the relevance of a site’s keywords or content based on the users’ needs. Given that Knowledge Graph is Google’s way to categorize web pages depending on topics, make sure that your content says what you want to convey to avoid confusion.

3. Recognize how much RankBrain matters

Considered as one the most important ranking factors by Google, RankBrain serves as the artificial intelligence (AI) in the SEO industry.

This SEO pillar is most primarily used by Google to help the company analyze how human interactions work online—how they use online search, how they phrase queries, what sites they usually go to, and the like. What it does for SEO practitioners is that it directs them to keep the connection of their contents to users’ needs, experiences, and interests.

For people who work in the SEO industry, RankBrain should be seen as a motivation to boost content reliability and strength. This will allow for a more competitive approach in crafting the content to be put in the site.

4. Know more about penalty filters that screen and clean those spams

We all know how powerful spam and malicious backlinks are in ruining the user’s search experience. With Google’s latest Penguin update, sites that are considered bad links are filtered out.

In other words, Google has a way of punishing websites that are fond of keyword stuffing. This way, search rankings get refined, and websites that are really worthy of top search ranking will be recognized in the process.


To be transparent about it, all of these techniques that will define the future of SEO are not necessarily new to anyone familiar with SEO. What is more important, though, is the need for you to recognize the changes in the search user’s behavior and the preference for mobile viewing.

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