We all know that content rules SEO. (Aren’t you glad I didn’t say “content is king?” Darn! I said it.) As with most overused catchphrases, there’s truth to that notion. The internet was created to share ideas, information, and data (content). Not only that, but search engines exist for the sole purpose of indexing, sorting, and serving up content that matches what people are looking for. So, yes. It really is all about content. Moreover, it’s all about fresh SEO content.

    Fresh, regularly updated content improves the SEO of a site, driving traffic while improving website authority on search engines like Google.

    SEO content guide

    SEO Content Guide

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    SEO Content, Defined

    SEO content exists to attract search engine traffic. Based on keyword research, SEO content is specifically designed to answer a specific search query that prospective customers have. SEO content can live on product or service pages, in blog articles, or as landing pages.

    What is Fresh Content?

    Fresh content is not existing content with a couple of minor updates that you re-share with a new publish date.

    Fresh content is either:

    1. Completely new content, or
    2. Existing content that’s been appreciably improved.

    Where To Put Fresh SEO Content

    Since SEO content can — and should — live on any part of your website, there’s no one best place to add fresh SEO content.

    That being said, a blog lends itself most readily to adding new content on a regular basis. Plus, blog posts offer the best opportunity to rank for various long-tail keywords related to your offering.

    Why Fresh Content Is Important For SEO

    Fresh content only improves on page SEO if it’s relevant to searchers interested in your services or products. Assuming your new content is both relevant and optimized for search, there are three basic ways it can supplement your SEO efforts.

    1 – New Content Pages Attract Crawl Bots

    Regularly adding fresh content attracts search engines to stop by and index your new pages. Every time search engines re-index your site, you have another opportunity to rank in search results.

    When you update existing content by enriching it with topically related keywords, you’re broadening the range of queries it might rank for.

    Keep in mind: Google doesn’t rank your content based only on the number of keywords you have on your pages.

    As you build out new content that’s topically related to your industry, you’re amplifying your expertise in the space and sending signals that search engines interpret as trustworthy and authoritative.

    The smarter search algorithms get, the more their preferences reflect human desires. In other words, quality counts.

    As you build out new content that’s topically related to your industry, you’re amplifying your expertise in the space and sending signals that search engines interpret as trustworthy and authoritative.

    2 – Fresh Content Encourages Return Traffic

    On the human side of the equation, fresh content engages visitors to your website, reduces bounce rate, increases session duration, and boosts the number of pages viewed per session.

    When you’re continually adding new content to your website, visitors who land there have more to explore. Likewise, maintaining a regular publishing cadence keeps people coming back to consume the insights and information you’re sharing.

    A steady flow of traffic to your site not only sends authority signals to search engines, but it allows you the opportunity to nurture returning visitors to take the next step on their customer journey.

    3 – New Content Is Good For Link Building

    Every new page you add to your website is a fresh opportunity to add some internal links to and from your other pages. A strong internal linking structure passes value from high-ranking pages to newer ones. Not only that, every piece of high-quality content you produce offers another chance to win the endorsement of trusted websites in the form of a backlink and boost your site’s credibility signals.

    How To Create Fresh SEO Content

    If you want to prioritize creating fresh SEO content, you need to build a system to get it done. Download our blog cheatsheet to get started.

    Should You Outsource SEO Content Creation?

    There are as many answers to this question as there are businesses on the internet. Depending on your content needs, the size of your team, and the size of your budget, you might want to consider bringing in support for your content production process.

    At our SEO agency, there are several ways we support our customers in creating fresh SEO content. Whether you need help with keyword research, strategic content briefs, creating new content, or enriching existing content, our team can help.

    In a Nutshell

    In the final analysis, generating fresh content keeps your website updated and attuned to what your target market is looking for. Online users crave more content, and sharing information they need can eventually convert them from casual site visitors to loyal followers and repeat customers.

    Whether you create all your content internally or need support to get it done, the most important thing is that you get started!


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