Writing a cold-calling sales script for software sales can be the most agonizing and painful part of your sales job – but it doesn’t have to be. What if you had a system that would help you sound more professional and confident at all times during the conversation?

    I want to give you some tips to writing cold calling scripts that actually work. The key is to think through the entire conversation so that you avoid sounding like a blabbering idiot. Here are 5 tips to write a cold calling script for software sales and make the most out of those calls!

    1. Do your homework and reach out before you ever call

    Know who you are about to speak with and what you’re going to say before you ever make the call. How you approach the cold call could be the difference between closing a deal and never hearing from this person again.

    We have so many tools available today that we can use to connect with people before we ever make a call. Send an email, connect with them on LinkedIn, or research their social media accounts and try to give them something of value for their world. Many times you can offer an ebook or a white paper that will pique their interest, as well as be something of value to them. Then, when you follow up with a call, they automatically associate you with something of value.

    2. Ask good questions and connect early on

    A good salesperson doesn’t jump right into their cold calling sales script for software sales. They recognize that not only is the prospect valuable, but their time is valuable as well. Be ready to make your first priority one of giving valuable information for the growth of their business. We must stop talking at our prospects and figure out how to engage them right away into a conversation.

    For example, you might say, “Hi, I’m Jim from Company Inc. I sent you a white paper on XYZ last week. Is now a good time to talk?”

    If the prospect says yes, they are giving you permission to keep going. As you continue, you should make sure and stop to ask them questions periodically to keep them involved and identify the wellness of fit. These questions could be simply: “Do you see this as a need in your business as well?” or “Would you say this is true for you?”

    3. Listen and respond to what they share

    Writing a good cold calling script for software sales will help you focus on actually listening to the prospect. This is important because it is only then that you will be able to build good rapport and establish a sense of trust over the phone. Once this trust is built, you will be given an opportunity to share how your product can help solve your prospect’s needs. Even with a good script, it is important that you are prepared to pivot so that you are speaking to the needs of your prospect and not just speaking at your prospect.

    4. Have a list of questions

    It is vitally important to answer questions that you think the prospect will be asking, as well as any objections that will come your way. Having thought through a variety of difficult scenarios will also be key in writing your scripts. You want to be able to manage those difficult questions and be able to handle any objections that come up, without stumbling all over your words.

    You also want to have key questions that help to qualify the software sales prospect before hanging up as well. You will want to ask a few key questions that will help identify four specific areas:

    Who is the key decision maker?
    Do they have budget for the product you are offering?
    What are their specific needs and pains – do they need your product?
    What is their timeframe for making a decision to use your product?

    5. Set a time to reconnect

    Before you ever get off the phone, make sure you ask for permission to follow up with them. When they say yes, make sure to nail down a specific time that you will reconnect for the next conversation. Offer to send over some helpful information in the meantime, and keep it focused on the topics you have just discussed.

    Cold calling for software companies doesn’t have to be painful. Being prepared and ready to anticipate the pivots will result in positive steps towards a sale. Great cold calls’ scripts take planning, a good listening ear, the willingness to help a prospect and pivot with them, as well as a closing with the future conversation in mind. In fact, these are the sales script tips we’ve used to increase our SEO for SaaS customers in our SEO agency. Good luck!


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