How to Become an SEO Expert

    Mastering SEO is on the to-do list of most entrepreneurs and small business owners, and yet, few of them ever take the leap to become true SEO experts.

    And, to be honest, it’s hard to blame them – when trying to figure out how to become an expert on SEO, one soon realizes that there is a massive amount of information and work that goes into putting together a successful SEO campaign.

    The focus of this article is to help you learn and become an SEO expert. It goes without saying that through trial, error, and time, you can learn and master many aspects of SEO.

    The Value of Being an SEO Expert: Why SEO is So Important

    Before diving into the details on becoming an SEO expert, we must first figure out why expert knowledge is so valuable in the first place.

    Well, the first reason is obvious – with the help of a successful SEO campaign, you can get your business in front of thousands or even millions of targeted leads looking for exactly what you have to offer.

    But that’s not all. The best practices of Search Engine Optimization often correlate with what’s essential for success online in general.

    When putting together SEO campaigns, you will inevitably produce highly-relevant content for your audience, improve your site’s performance and UX, and become an authoritative figure in your field by dominating the rankings on Google.

    Learn How SEO Works

    Now that we’ve gone over why becoming an SEO expert is useful to your business, the next step is figuring out how SEO works.

    For this step, you’ll need to start at the very beginning, looking at the fundamental principles before you become we can get to the more technical aspect of SEO.

    In essence, SEO boils down to two areas, On-page and Off-Page SEO.

    • On-page SEO is optimizing anything on your website, which is easier than Off-Page SEO because you have full control to make changes to your website as you please.  This can include writing or rewriting content, or cleaning up the architecture of your website.
    • Off-page SEO takes place outside of your website, which is why it typically is tougher to help improve rankings. This can include things like your site authority and the quality of your backlinks.

    Dive into the Different Specialties

    If you’re going to become an expert consultant for SEO, you will soon find that you will need to master different specialties that go into running typical SEO campaigns.

    How do you run a typical SEO campaign?

    1. To begin running an SEO campaign you’ll need to identify important topics or queries to write about.  Once this is done, you’ll want to do strategic keyword research for each topic. Then, you can begin crafting a list of keywords to rank for and continue expanding that list with related terms. 
    2. Once you’ve gathered keywords, the most fun (and important) part begins…you’re ready to write.  To create great content, you’ll want to make sure that you’re following SEO best practices for content in order to improve rankings and have your content stand out to Google.
    3. After completing your content, you will want to make sure your site is easily crawlable to search engines by running an audit.  The purpose of running a technical SEO audit is to help shed light on areas of your website that hinder search engines from crawling and indexing your site.
    4. Finally, to become an expert consultant for SEO and running a typical SEO campaign is developing a backlink strategy. When you’re developing a backlink strategy, it is important to use high-authoritative sources that are relevant to your article.

    Explore Other Online Resources

    As an aspiring SEO expert, you’ll quickly realize that SEO is an ongoing process of learning due to Google constantly making updates to its algorithm.

    A great way for you to stay up to date and learn more about SEO is to become an avid reader of websites that are pushing the envelope in the SEO industry. 

    Just like you, we want to continue learning and growing our SEO skills. Here are some of our favorite sites to check out: 

    Typically these sites are where you can find the most relevant perspectives and insights.

    Learn by Doing, Failing, and Doing Again

    In order to become an SEO expert consultant, you’re going to need to start applying what you’ve learned and not be afraid to fail. It’s important to go out and try these SEO strategies and tactics in order to continue learning along the way.

    One thing you should note is to be very careful about making changes and consider the effect that they may have on your website.  The last thing you want to do is break your website, but you may find that the quickest way to learn is by making mistakes and correcting them as you go.

    Learn From the Best

    In this article, we’ve covered a lot of ways that you can get on a path to becoming an SEO expert.

    But the truth is, the fastest way to become one is to learn from the best – our SEO agency uses search to unleash every company’s true potential and we’re committed to not only achieving our clients’ SEO goals but to teach them how they can excel at SEO on their own.


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