We were able to get the opportunity to chat with our VP of Product Houston Barnett-Gearhart & SEO Strategist Pablo Villalpando about their insights & thoughts within themselves, their work, and each other throughout their time at Victorious. With working together for over a year we were able to learn about what these two have accomplished and what they are continuously growing in.

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Q. What inspires you?
A. I inspire myself; I am very intrinsically motivated. “Becoming the best version of yourself” is so important to me. What really gives me the drive is knowing each day is a new slate for me to reinvent and better myself. Something I’ve been working on for 4 years is self-improvement. I don’t know how you can stay happy if your motivation is external because it’s impermanent. Be a better you.

Q. What is something you learned the hard way?
A. A cliche answer, but procrastination is never a good idea. Especially in the SEO industry, procrastination at work is going to cause a lot of undue stress. I learned to take mental breaks, breathe and come back to it later. When you procrastinate, you rely mostly on muscle memory, and it doesn’t give you a lot of room for creativity.

Q. What do you hope to see grow within yourself while working at Victorious?
A. I need to work on realizing that work isn’t “serious” while making sure what we do for customers is simultaneously valuable and valued. Life is very rarely serious as seriousness tends to imply tragedy or graveness. Our problems at work are sincere and have to be dealt with but they’re not “serious” because they’re not life or death.


Q. What inspires you?
A. Knowing that I can create a place where I belong and fit in. In addition, I want to able to leave a mark somewhere, do something that no one else can do that makes me memorable. I want to make an impact.

Q. What is something you learned the hard way?
A. Internalizing a lot of issues until they become a problem. Learning when to deal with issues right when they first come up instead of waiting until the end. Holding things in doesn’t help, but just makes it worse down the road. You feel alone when you hold it in but when you vocalize it you have others there for you.

Q. What do you hope to see grow within yourself while working at Victorious?
A. I want to be able to come to work and learn something new every day. I also want to be able to master my work and apply it to my every day while teaching others around me.


Q. How do you think working together impacts the company culture?
A. We have similar life philosophies which apply to our work. We think very similarly. Not only do we try to improve ourselves but try to improve the overall process as well. We frequently ask ourselves questions on how to improve the process, educate the team, etc. I think it creates a significant impact because we have worked side by side for so long, which has allowed us to establish a trust that even when there are issues we know how the other one will react.

Q. What is your favorite memory at Victorious?
A. Houston: The Napa retreat because it brought us all really close together. It shows how we empower one another because everyone was able to open up and tell their life stories. Some people had similar stories and it made people realize that we are a lot alike and it helps us work as a team together.
A. Pablo: Our team dinner during last year’s Company Retreat in Lake Tahoe. I felt like we were one big family when we were all together having fun. When I consider the other places I’ve worked at – nobody would do an outing like this for the team. It feels great when you have a balance between the two.

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