What Makes Victorious Different

    Victorious stands apart by treating SEO as a powerful marketing channel in its own right. This, in a nutshell, is why you should want to work with us: we are the only SEO agency that has focused its entire business on SEO itself.

    We are dedicated to ongoing innovations to make your SEO strategy more efficient, more effective, with compounding value to your business. Here are some of the ways our company is set up to do that.

    1. The Infrastructure of Our Business

    Our business is set up to enable the SEO channel to succeed, and our Strategy and Customer Success teams work lock-step to provide our customers with their custom SEO strategies and plans.


    We’re the only well-known SEO agency that dedicates all of their resources to SEO. We don’t do PPC, we don’t do web design… we are laser-focused on SEO.

    We know that our agency competitors, who provide more than one type of marketing service (often SEO and PPC together), like to talk about their integration, and how combining these things together is efficient and effective. But we understand that SEO is more than just a supporting player.

    Making SEO More Efficient & Effective

    The entire infrastructure of our business is set up to support the SEO channel itself, and since we aren’t distracted by other marketing tactics, we can focus on being the best at what we do: systematized SEO.

    As we continue to build momentum (we were just named the 10th fastest growing private company in San Francisco in 2020), we continue to devote our resources to optimizing techniques, processes, and technology innovations to make SEO more efficient and effective.

    In short: we all “get it.” Every single person who works at Victorious went through SEO bootcamp during their onboarding, and the entire business is set up to support SEO.

    2. Our Treatment of SEO as a Marketing Channel

    Because SEO sort of, shall we say, weaseled its way into importance in the marketing industry, having to prove its worth after so many black hats threatened its reputation… marketers are used to treating SEO as a supporting player in a marketing campaign.

    Moving SEO Beyond Sidekick-Status

    For example, if you have a campaign focused on holiday shoe sales, you’ll have an email campaign, some Google Ads, maybe some Instagram stories promoting the deal, and then on your main landing page on your site, you might think about SEO, a la “let’s make sure we are targeting keywords along the ‘holiday shoe sale’ theme.”

    But that’s thinking about SEO last, instead of first. And it’s not very effective – the other holiday shoe sale tactics will likely outperform the tacked-on keyword research (“SEO”) provided in the marketing campaign above.

    But by focusing on long-term SEO strategy, and building our entire company infrastructure to support it, we’re able to treat SEO as the sole driver of an entire marketing strategy.

    What does this mean?

    It means that while your other marketing campaigns and channels are focused on highly-segmented target audiences (i.e. PPC that’s retargeting people who have looked at shoes on your website in the last 30 days, or an email to essential workers promoting the comfort-focused shoes that are on sale as part of this promotion), the SEO channel is targeting the people you didn’t even know to market to.

    Expanding Your Target Audiences

    The organic search channel targets anyone at all – breaking the golden rule of marketing – and simply focuses on those with search intent.

    And if you build an entire campaign around them, including on and off-page SEO, content for SEO, link building, and technical site optimizations – strategically focused on a set number of keyword themes aligned with your core business and marketing goals – you have yourself an impactful SEO campaign.

    That is Victorious’s bread and butter.

    3. Our Commitment to Process

    At its core, treating SEO this way empowers the SEO channel to be its best self: give it room to shine, and shine it will.

    At Victorious, we’re driven to becoming the best version of ourselves, and although “process” might not sound so sexy, this is exactly how we provide our customers with an unfair advantage against their competitors.

    The Systemization of SEO

    We’ve systematically broken down the key tactics and deliverables that determine sustained growth in organic search. This process-driven approach leads the SEO industry by painting a roadmap for successful, repeatable strategies that yield consistent, compounding results over time.

    So you won’t see us deliver a technical audit and then take our money and run. Your technical audit is tied to your keyword research, and those become two key foundational pieces for your long-term SEO strategy.

    4. Our Use of Technology as an Accelerator

    So how does our commitment to process improvement translate to our customers? It often translates in the context of developing technologies to make SEO more efficient, data-driven, and able-to-pivot when a new strategy could outperform an existing one.

    We are continuously looking for ways to optimize processes for our customers. Want some examples?

    Technology Enhancements To Support Systematized SEO

    A few of the technology enhancements from the last year at Victorious that have benefited our customers include:

    • Developing internal link-building software that can crawl, index, and organize millions of individual pages that contain broken link building or niche edit opportunities.
    • Developing technology to help our customers optimize featured snippets, capturing paragraph, list, and table snippets via specific tactics.
    • Creating an E-E-A-T analysis process that incorporates customized and prioritized lists of tactics to improve a specific website’s hypothetical E-E-A-T score.
    • Developing a comprehensive, scalable, competitive analysis for our customers that provides granular details on what they need to achieve competitive parity.

    These ongoing technology enhancements are important because they empower our SEO strategists to focus on the hyper-customized, strategic elements of our customers’ SEO while letting technology support the “boring” (but critical) components of SEO technique. It’s a win-win that drives our ability to dig into the nitty gritty of our customers’ specific business and marketing goals.

    5. Our Award-Winning SEO Success

    So how do all of these things come together??

    Because of our singular commitment to SEO, our devotion to technology and process improvement, and our infrastructure to support our sole focus on SEO, we see consistent success across our customer base. Our partnerships consistently meet and exceed organic growth goals, and our SEO campaigns continue to be recognized in industry award events.

    Industry Accolades

    We’re the only agency to be recognized as SEO Agency of the Year three times, our customer satisfaction (NPS) score is off-the-charts (sitting today at a whopping 86), and we have 4.9-star average reviews across review sites like Google and Clutch.

    And the SEO practices we’re using in those award-winning campaigns are the same SEO practices we’ll be using on your website, in your SEO strategies, when we get going on your site. The beauty of a systemized approach to SEO is that it’s repeatable, time and time again.

    Rigorousness in Work

    But it’s not just about bragging and boasting about our SEO success. What truly makes our success different is our radical integrity to do our best work, and do the very best we can for every single customer.

    This year, when success in SEO mattered so much more, as businesses across the country struggled to adjust to the realities of the ongoing pandemic, we were able to keep our customers going, in some cases actually help our customers keep all of their employees on their payroll, and aggressively pivot strategies to address new markets and strategic direction.

    And it’s a win-win, of course: helping our customers forge strategic paths forward brings meaning to our work, and that meaningful work keeps everyone at Victorious fueled to blaze the SEO industry forward.

    Victorious in a Nutshell

    TLDR time?

    Victorious has found success delivering SEO strategies for some of the largest and most successful brands today. Because we only do SEO, we can’t hide or shield ourselves from our ability to drive results in this channel alone. If we fail, we can’t fall back on a PPC campaign to show value, or pitch a fun new email marketing campaign to distract our customers.

    We live and we die on our ability to perform SEO in an elevated format to drive impactful, long-term business results.

    Want to get started? Start with a free strategy session with one of our SEO consultants. And if you’re looking for a sweet promotion, I’ve got it right here for ya: if you start a partnership with us during December and mention this article, you can get an extra month of SEO services for free. Try me!


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