Results Timeline - 18 Months
  • Goal Completions Up 847% YoY
  • 490% Increase in Page One Keywords
  • 3,457 Positive Google SERPs Movement
  • 264K Campaign Clicks
  • 8.63M Campaign Impressions


Creating Trust & Results Through Shared Values

Agora set out on their SEO journey to drive down their PPC spend and lower their cost of customer acquisition. After working with an agency that didn’t offer transparent communication, Agora came to Victorious for a high-touch SEO relationship that would see them through their rebrand and new product launches.

Victorious and Agora found common ground in a commitment to empowering our customers. We doubled down on communication to ensure everyone on the Agora team understood our time-proven methodology, SEO best practices, and which metrics measured progress toward their goals.

Staying Nimble in a Rapidly Evolving Industry

On top of the agility required to keep in stride with Agora’s ever-changing needs, our strategists had to find a way around Google’s limited ability to discern the semantic nuances of highly specialized industry keywords.

No assumption went unchallenged as keyword research took multiple turns until we hammered out a strategy that delivered results directly to Agora’s bottom line.

On both sides of the partnership, everyone agrees that the extra effort was well worth it. The results of this SEO agency partnership say it all.

The Results

Goal Completions Up 847% YoY

By concentrating our strategy on driving qualified traffic to conversion opportunities on their site, we grew Agora’s online conversions by nearly eight and a half times:

490% Increase in Page One Keywords

Embracing the semantic challenges of highly nuanced industry keywords, our strategists found the key to unlock tremendous keyword growth for Agora:

3,457 Positive Position Change in Google SERPs

Movement in strategic keywords added up to nearly three and a half thousand positive position changes in Google search results — as new keywords were added to Agora’s portfolio and existing keywords climbed up to page one.

264K Campaign Clicks & 8.63M Impressions

The dramatic keyword movement yielded equally dramatic results in clicks and impressions. As both clicks and impressions soared, we knew that Agora’s content was meeting searchers’ intent.

Creating Trust & Results Through Shared Values

Both Victorious and Agora are deeply committed to empowering our customers. And, in this case, transparency and education were key components of Agora’s success.

Our strategy team doubled down on communication, and our point-of-contact shared everything they learned with their entire team — even going so far as to run SEO strategy Lunch & Learns for them. Time and time again, we find that the more invested our customers become in understanding our methodologies, the more we can accomplish together.

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+7,312 positive Google position changes

We were impressed with their communication and their ability to pivot strategy.

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300% Increase in Organic Traffic

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250% organic keywords increase

I appreciate the high visibility Victorious has into their process — allowing us to see the progress of projects and who is working on which tasks. They’re impressive, and the cooperation is exactly what one hopes for from an SEO team.

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