Results Timeline - 9 Months
  • 1,587 New Keywords Ranked on Google
  • Increased Organic Traffic by 85%
  • Increased Calls from Organic Search by 131%
  • Increased Goal Completions by 42%

Amerinote Xchange

From skeptic to believer

Trigger Warning. What we’re about to present to you is the worst case of SEO gone wrong we can imagine. Unfortunately, it’s a story we’ve heard far too often from new clients.

Abby Shemesh is the Chief Executive of Amerinote Xchange, a small investment firm that acquires assets secured by real estate and small businesses. Amerinote Xchange has been in the SEO game since 2008 and has been with over 10 SEO agencies in that time. What finally got him engaged with Victorious? Bad SEO. Does he plan to stay? Yes, he does.

The long story: Abby had been feeling neglected at his previous SEO provider for some time, reports were falling through the cracks, his account manager seemed to change monthly, and his costs were increasing, but the SEO results weren’t. Ultimately, he was stuck with a generalist SEO agency when he wanted an expert. What was his limit? When he paid the agency for a blog post to drive traffic to his website, and instead of backlinking to his site it went to their other clients!

That very day, he connected with Victorious.

Not knowing the history at the time, Victorious set out to do what we do best – bespoke SEO strategy to drive traffic, boost revenue, and garner a positive ROI. We were the first and only SEO agency that Abby connected with that day – but he knew right away that our approach would be more customer-centric and sophisticated than any competitor.

Amerinote Xchange
Amerinote Xchange

SEO strategy what works

Victorious had to prove to Abby that not all SEO agencies are the same; in fact, Victorious had to show that we were nothing like any other SEO agency. The battle audit was the first step. There are so many reasons we call it a battle audit other than the fact that it just sounds cool, it’s also an extremely strategic process. We outline every plan of attack to show clients exactly how we will get SEO results. Every detail is laid out with full transparency. To us, transparency is everything. We leave the ‘secret sauce’ to McDonald’s. The best part, we delivered on exactly what we said we would.

Victorious is a dedicated SEO agency. It’s all we do so we better do it well. Which means, our team leverages our collective knowledge from the hundreds of campaigns we run every month to improve our clients’ individual SEO campaigns. Pretty cool. So, delivering results for Amerinote Xchange was something we were confident we could achieve in a way that would change Abby’s mind about SEO agencies, or at least Victorious.

“Victorious has been the best SEO company I have ever worked with since 2008. The results, the approach, the strategy, everything, it hit all the marks.”
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Abby Shemesh - Amerinote Xchange

When Abby started with Victorious, Amerinote Xchange had never ranked for more than 300 keywords. Today, it ranks on nearly 2,000. In the past, Abby would read backlink articles that could have fallen out of a “free online generator,” today, his monthly reports show him each and every backlink, each one written professionally and by an actual human. We can’t say enough about how happy he is about that.

The best part – Abby doesn’t plan to leave anytime soon. Time and time again we use the word partner. We pitch with the proverb, “a rising tide lifts all boats.” We choose our words carefully. Within nine months, we’ve helped Amerinote Xchange improve their SEO in ways that no other agency ever has. Victorious leverages our SEO strategy to strengthen Amerinote Xchange in their market, to make their competitors work harder, and to create opportunities to engage the most recognized brands in their industry as competitors – something they had never even considered before.

What we achieved with Amerinote Xchange

You may expect that our most significant achievement would be tied to some major data point. We have those, yes, but to us, our favorite accomplishment was that we convinced one of SEO’s harshest critics that Victorious would do it right, finally. Abby Shemesh is on board as a proud Victorious partner. In our eyes, that’s a huge win!

Amerinote Xchange was used to oversell under-deliver approach by the time they contracted with Victorious. We had to prove ourselves every step of the way, which is excellent! We love the challenge. We love to demonstrate how effective good SEO can be.

Very Thoughtful, Very Effective

Victorious has met every goal we’ve laid out for Amerinote Xchange from the beginning. In just nine months, we increased the number of keywords that ranked on Google by 1,587 bringing the total to nearly 2,000 strategic, thoughtful, and effective keywords.

Increase Organic Traffic

We said we had data-points too. In nine months, Victorious’ SEO strategy for Amerinote Xchange increased organic traffic by 85%, increased phone calls from organic search by 131%, and increased goal completions by 42%

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