Results Timeline - 9 Months
  • 1,587 New Keywords Ranked on Google
  • Increased Organic Traffic by 85%
  • Increased Calls from Organic Search by 131%
  • Increased Goal Completions by 42%

Amerinote Xchange

Made-To-Measure SEO Establishes 1,587 New Ranking Keywords

The Challenge

Small investment firm, Amerinote Xchange, had worked with a dozen SEO agencies and had nothing to show for it but increasing costs.

The Solution

Victorious conducted a 200+ Point SEO Audit, followed by keyword research and a solid backlinking strategy.

The Results

Amerinote Xchange finally saw the results they were looking for, with a 100% increase in ranking keywords and an 85% increase in organic traffic.

Amerinote Xchange is a small investment firm that acquires assets secured by real estate and small businesses. They’ve been in the SEO game since 2008 and, having been with over 10 SEO agencies, were still feeling neglected and shortchanged by the results (or lack thereof).

With reports falling through the cracks, a new account manager every month, and increasing costs, Chief Executive, Abby Shemesh, set out to find the bespoke SEO experience he had always wanted and never found — until Victorious.

Exchanging Generalist SEO Tactics for a Custom-Fit Experience

Victorious was the first (and only) agency Abby reached out to when he decided he was done with aimless SEO. Without even knowing his struggles beforehand, we set out to do what we do best: create an SEO strategy to drive traffic, boost revenue, and garner a positive ROI.

We started with a comprehensive SEO audit, outlining every plan of attack to show Abby exactly how we’d get results.

In the beginning, Amerinote Xchange hadn’t ranked for more than 300 keywords. Today, it ranks for nearly 2,000. With some SEO Content Writing, we not only boosted organic traffic and ranking keywords, but established the backlinks Abby had always wanted. In the past, he found the blogs he paid for might as well have been spit out by AI. The worst part? They contained links that pointed to competitors’ websites. Not anymore!

Within nine months, we helped Amerinote Xchange improve their SEO in ways that no other agency ever has. Victorious leveraged SEO strategy to strengthen Amerinote Xchange in their market, make their competitors work harder, and create opportunities to shine among the most recognized brands in the industry.

“Victorious has been the best SEO company I have ever worked with since 2008. The results, the approach, the strategy, everything, it hit all the marks.”
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Abby Shemesh - Amerinote Xchange

The Results

1. 1,587 new keywords ranked on Google.

With hundreds more ranking keywords, Amerinote Xchange finally started reaching their target audience organically.

2. An 85% increase in organic traffic.

As they reached more people with more ranking keywords, Amerinote Xchange saw a boost in organic traffic.

3. 131% increase in calls from organic search.

With more organic traffic from the right people, Amerinote Xchange saw a significant increase in calls, which translated into a 42% increase in goal completions.Summary Header

Tailored Strategies Outperform One-Size-Fits-All SEO

The difference between true strategic partnership and the slap-dash approach of tactic-happy SEO providers is clear — one is worth its weight in gold and one is value-deficient. While SEO universally helps businesses engage with their target audience and gain a competitive advantage, the strategies that get them there should be as unique as the business itself. Amerinote Xchange is a prime example of how SEO transforms organic search into a self-sustaining marketing pipeline — regardless of company size or industry competition.

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