Results Timeline - 16 Months
  • Organic traffic up by 300%
  • +3,816 positive Google position changes
  • 120 page one keywords

BMarko Structures

BMarko Structures: Building SEO Opportunities for a Niche Business

BMarko Structures is a modular construction company that specializes in custom shipping container modifications. They came to Victorious in search of an agency that could grasp their highly-specialized industry and understand how to target their B2B audience in construction.

BMarko Structures had goals to build site authority, improve keyword ranking, boost organic sessions, and increase lead generation quantity and quality. They needed a creative SEO campaign from a reputable SEO agency to help B2B customers in the construction industry find their highly specialized products.

The Victorious Strategy

When new customers come to us for SEO support, they’re often concerned that an agency won’t be able to understand the subtleties of their business or the specific language of their niche. We love proving to new customers the way we can get creative with language and translate SEO solutions into revenue growth.

Learning the Language to Speak to Prospects

BMarko Structures operates in a relatively new niche and needs to present its solution to customers who might not be looking for what they offer. Our strategists did a keyword research deep-dive to discover industry terminology that prospects would use in search engines. This rigorous effort yielded keywords with both volume and plenty of ranking potential based on the BMarko Structures website.

Conversion Optimization & Technical Updates

In addition to the ongoing SEO campaign, we optimized BMarko’s website for conversion and improved overall architecture. We also ran technical updates to make sure the campaign was poised to yield maximum gains from increased traffic.

As a direct result of working with Victorious, BMarko structures has seen a dramatic increase in leads from organic traffic on their site. The sales team is working overtime to meet the demand and convert new customers.
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The Results

As a result of their SEO campaign, BMarko has shot up in search results, claiming over a dozen number one spots for strategically significant keywords. Leads have exploded, placing their sales team in the enviable position of struggling to keep up with new business.

Organic Traffic Up By 300%

SEO content and page optimizations created a steady and sustainable increase in organic traffic. Since partnering with Victorious, BMarko has tripled its organic web traffic.

120 Page One Keywords

BMarko now ranks on the first page of Google SERPs for 120 keywords, up 200% since their campaign began.

3,816 Positive Position Change in Google SERPs

BMarko has an overall gain of 3,816 positions in Google search results.

Position One for 11 Campaign Keywords

Shooting up as many as 100 positions in some cases, BMarko holds the number one spot for 11 of the strategically important keywords we defined at the outset of their campaign.

Speedy Implementation Raises the Roof on Results

BMarko had so much confidence in our strategy they quickly implemented all of our content, technical and structural recommendations.

The speed with which they made SEO improvements to their site has contributed to the remarkable results they’ve seen in their first year of our partnership.

BMarko’s long-term commitment to SEO continues to pay off as traffic growth and revenue generation continue up and to the right on every metric we measure.

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