Results Timeline - 6 Months
  • Total Target Keyword Positions Gained 1,491
  • Increase in Unbranded Keyword Clicks 55%
  • Increase in Goal Completions 33%


55% Increase in Unbranded Organic Search Traffic

CitySwoon, an Australia-based speed dating company, was ready to break into the U.S. market but knew that smart SEO would be vastly important to their success. When looking for an SEO agency in the United States, CitySwoon founder, Brett Couston, turned to the best place he could think of, Google. To Brett, the proof is in the pudding – if you’re an SEO agency touting first page results, you better well have first page results

CitySwoon was on a tight deadline to launch their brand in San Francisco, so, with only a few weeks to decide, he spoke to four other agencies before deciding Victorious was the right fit. Small business owners like Brett often have to make the right decisions fast and there is very little margin for error.

Having had some experience with SEO agencies in Australia, Brett was highly focused on getting a quality SEO agency that was rooted in the technical side of SEO. He had worked with agencies in the past that focused entirely on content, which was often bad and mediocre at best. He knew he wanted a SEO agency that not only preached the technical strategy of SEO but had the tools to successfully implement. From the initial conversation to the audit and strategy presentation, Brett knew Victorious was right for CitySwoon.

Cityswoon SEO Case Study
Cityswoon SEO Case Study

SEO strategy what works

Tired of bad content and agencies that woo you with smooth-talking, saying all the right things sales people then toss you down to an entry-level SEO strategist who barely knows the ins and outs, CitySwoon contracted with Victorious for its data-driven approach and personable customer service.

Victorious’ audit and SEO strategy presentation was easy to follow, logical, and technical – everything CitySwoon wanted. From implantation to the first three months of partnering with Victorious, CitySwoon achieved a total target keyword position gain of 1,491 and a 55% increase in unbranded keyword clicks. The data-drive SEO strategy targeted specific and purposeful keywords to create more opportunities for CitySwoon to grab its new U.S. audience’s attention.

“The presentation of how to approach the project is well presented, and that really makes a big difference because if we can implement something and once and its right, that’s fantastic. If we have to go back and rework something and then rework it again, that’s something that small businesses can’t afford. You know how to have the right solution presented clearly, concisely, and timely, then we can get it done. That’s exactly what we need.”
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Brett Couston - CitySwoon

Brett is hard on content, he has seen it fail too many times to consider it ‘good SEO,’ but with Victorious’ expertise, the digital content became less of a point of contention – because it was done right. Victorious worked with Brett to improve landing pages, blogs, and social media content to actually make the content CitySwoon created actually work for SEO back linking and thematic keyword searches to improve search engine results.

As an owner of a small, thriving business, Brett is busy. His day-to-day is hectic and he needed SEO to be something he didn’t need to worry about. Victorious does the legwork and provides Brett with a monthly report. The condensed report is great for Brett, who, when he is pressed for time can easily find the key issues. It also helps that CitySwoon’s account management team is always prompt to respond to Brett’s questions and follow up when a task needs to be completed.

What we achieved with CitySwoon

Simply put – in just three months, the Victorious SEO campaign gave CitySwoon the digital and SEO presence it needed to successfully enter the U.S. market – especially in a hotspot like San Francisco. When Brett finds something that his competitors are doing that he thinks will help, the Victorious team is always quick to respond and make the changes so CitySwoon is always on the top of its SEO game.

For CitySwoon, Victorious was focused on getting the fundamentals right. It was important to them to invest in SEO as a high priority, and with Facebook’s announcement that they are entering the dating territory, Brett knew he had to get the right pieces in place to make sure they remained competitive.

Brett, like Victorious, knows that SEO has the potential to have a huge return on investment. By continuing to partner with Victorious he knows that his marketing dollars are well spent because Victorious uses data and in depth analysis to determine every aspect of the SEO strategy. Instead of a boilerplate strategy given to every client, every aspect of Victorious’ SEO is tailored to the individual company, its industry, and the SEO goals which is why Victorious’ clients continue to be successful month after month.

Successfully Entered the Market

In just three months CitySwoon saw a 55% increase in unbranded keyword clicks, a 33% increase in goal completions, and gained 1,491 target keyword positions. Not bad for a small business just entering a major new market.

Increasing Visibility

CitySwoon is unique in that it doesn’t operate a CRM. For other agencies, this proved to be a problem because every tweak required a little extra legwork. Victorious worked with Brett through the SEO audit to determine the best approach to implement recommendations – both the immediate and long-term. Armed with a purposeful SEO strategy, CitySwoon is ready to take on one of the fastest growing industries – dating services.

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