Results Timeline - 12 Months
  • Organic Keyword Growth Up By 84.6%
  • 173% Increase YoY in Clicks During One Quarter
  • 13.6% Increase in Monthly Organic Leads

CSA Transportation

230% Organic Keyword Growth Turns a Niche Player Into a Game Changer

The Challenge

CSA Transportation faced a critical need to grow and stabilize their logistics chain through local search visibility.

The Solution

Victorious partnered with CSA Transportation to optimize content and service pages to capture bottom-of-the-funnel traffic and increase lead generation.

The Results

CSA Transportation blew past the competition in local search, consistently ranking in the top 0-3 positions in Google for target keywords.

Shipping is ingrained in our everyday lives — whether it’s a package arriving at your door or pallets landing at big box stores — and it wouldn’t be possible without businesses like CSA Transportation.

But while shipping may seem like a breeze from the receiving end, transport and logistics companies face their own unique challenges. For CSA Transportation, the road block in front of them was figuring out how to grow their local presence in a niche market.

The Route to Local Visibility Is Paved by SEO

To make sure that CSA Transportation’s network of cross-country trucking routes had localized search visibility, Victorious developed highly targeted SEO content to drive traffic to location pages. We doubled down on our local search strategy with Google Business Profile optimization for those regions.

Ever mindful of CSA Transportation’s overall business objectives, we also optimized their service pages to capture conversion-ready traffic, generate new leads, and help establish CSA Transportation as an industry leader.

The Results

1. Organic keyword growth increased by 230%.

CSA Transportation has added 765 additional keywords in Google’s top 10 search results.

2. A 173% increase in clicks during one quarter (YoY).

CSA Transport brought in 4,950 additional clicks from non-brand keywords during one quarter.

3. A 173% increase in clicks during one quarter (YoY).

CSA Transport brought in 4,950 additional clicks from non-brand keywords during one quarter compared to the same period last year.

4. A 13.6% increase in monthly organic leads.

A conversion-targeted strategy generated 147 additional leads per month.

Long-Haul SEO Paves the Way to Success

CSA Transportation has reaped the benefits of a long-term commitment to SEO. As our partnership continues, we look forward to driving more traffic, more leads, and more revenue for them as we help them hold their maintain their position as an industry leader in North American trucking logistics.

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