Results Timeline - 18 Months
  • 270% Organic Traffic Increase
  • 55 New Top 3 Keywords
  • More Featured Snippets Than We Can Count

Eden Health

270% More Organic Traffic Thanks to Healthier SEO

The Challenge

Health-tech startup Eden Health was looking to expand market share during a concerted growth phase. To engage new customers, they needed an SEO agency that would boost their traffic with more robust search engine rankings.

With limited in-house capacity, Eden Health brought on Victorious to supplement their existing team and resuscitate their ailing SEO efforts.


The Solution

Eden Health is a direct-to-employer medical provider with a B2B audience of health benefit decision-makers. We knew that if they could rank well for broad, high-volume keywords like “employee health” or “corporate health screening,” they’d capture the attention of new customers who could fuel the company’s ongoing growth.

A Partnership That Builds Compounding ROI

Our team identified and prioritized crucial keywords, which we used to craft topically-relevant pages to build traction in organic search. Immediately after implementing our recommendations, Eden Health reached #1 for their top-priority keyword, “employee health.” This success inspired Eden Health to create even more content, which helped them rank #1 for related terms like “employee health screening” and “employee health checkup.”

Our keyword research also informed a smart linking strategy, which attracted high-conversion traffic. In effect, Eden Health was soon capturing more and more of the available unbranded search landscape.

But that’s not all.

Eden Health also wanted our help building their internal SEO capacity. Through our collaboration, the team at Eden Health adapted our processes to continue to adjust and optimize their site pages as their business grows.

The Results

270% Increase in Organic Traffic

This is a text-book example of steady, sustainable growth. Eden Health’s organic traffic continues up and to the right as incremental improvements build their topical authority and demonstrate trustworthy expertise.

14,835 Positive Search Position Growth

At last count, 55 previously unranked keywords are now ranking in the top three positions in search results. With an aggregate positive movement of nearly 15,000 search positions, Eden Health’s page one search results for unbranded keywords has dramatically increased.

Countless Featured Snippets

Eden Health continues to produce high-quality SEO content that claims position zero in search, boosting visibility to new customers, increasing brand recognition, and highlighting its authority in the search space.

Now, trained in SEO best practices, the Eden Health team has become a well-oiled organic traffic machine!

Improved SEO Health Supports Long-Term Search Wellness

Eden Health recognized that the opportunities for growth outstripped its internal SEO capacity. Through our partnership, Eden Health addressed both its immediate SEO challenges and learned the strategies they’ll need to succeed in the future. The best practices they’ve adopted will keep their business flourishing for years to come.

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