Results Timeline - 3 Months
  • Increased in Organic Traffic by 300%
  • Positions Gained in SERPs – 927
  • Increased Total Keywords Ranked by 75%


300% Increase in Organic Traffic

Everlance is a startup app launched in 2015 that helps independent workers and small businesses automatically track mileage and expenses in compliance with IRS requirements. As a Silicon Valley tech startup, Everlance was looking for an SEO agency that came recommended from their peers based on the specific needs of their business. Ultimately their goal was to get their app into the conversation with other mileage and expense tracking software before their busy season starts in January.

Everlance is unique in that they understood the importance of technical and data-driven SEO from the beginning. As software engineers, that is the only kind of SEO that made sense, but it wasn’t always what they were getting with other agencies. The Victorious pitch was different. Rather than pushing an ill-planned blitz to hack their way to the first page, we presented a thoughtful, data-driven long-term approach that would establish Everlance’s authority in their market. Authority that would propel their growth over the long-term, not just to get them through the next tax season.

The first steps when working with Victorious were to set the baseline by getting all SEO best-practices in place so that future backlinking, content, and ad hoc efforts would be more effective.

Everlance SEO Case Study - Victorious
Everlance SEO Traffic Growth Case Study - Victorious

SEO strategy that works

In their first three months contracting with Victorious, Everlance moved up 60 spots and now ranks at the middle of page two on search engine results. While vanity tells us that they need to be on page one, Victorious actually accomplished all of this without backlinks or content; the upward mobility was based solely on applying strategic and technical SEO to the Everlance website. In month three, Victorious began our backlink strategy that will enhance their domain authority to move them up on search engine results organically, which will improve their overall chances at remaining on the first page once they land there.

“SEO is always changing, new tactics and new strategies, so trying to keep up with the newest and latest is a time suck on daily work so leaving that to Victorious is one of the most helpful things. You will save yourself a ton of headache and time. It’s paid for itself.”
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Ashkan Motamedi - Everlance

As a tech startup in a competitive market, Everlance needs to focus on what it does best – mileage and expense tracking. One thing that they don’t have time to focus on is staying up to date on the ever-changing SEO rules. With Victorious, Everlance has the advantage of having an SEO team that is dedicated to their SEO success. We’ve helped Everlance expand their SEO strategy beyond the scope that they had even initially intended because we understand how to appropriately target all of the best keywords and indicators for their industry, especially those that aren’t as obvious as ‘mileage tracking app.’

The partnership between Everlance and Victorious thrives on each of us performing within our own expertise – Everlance does software development while Victorious does the SEO. Even in the first three months, working with Victorious made more financial sense than an internal hire at Everlance.

What we achieved with Everlance

Partnering with Victorious provided Everlance with SEO insights that are critical and fundamental to their SEO strategy and the growth of the website. In three months, they’re trending upward and are preparing to be a part of those in-office conversations about mileage and expense tracking software by the end of the year. As they grow, they anticipate that they will be able to effectively leverage their domain authority to enter potentially untapped markets within their sector, add services, and reach more clients.

Increased Organic Traffic

Victorious has been astounded by the results we’ve seen with Everlance in such a short amount of time. At most SEO agencies, the growth and upward mobility Everlance experienced in the first three months are more than they would see in the first year. In three months, organic traffic to the Everlance website increased by 300% and gained 927 positions in search engine results pages.

Increased Total Keyword Ranked

Everlance was confident that their SEO was doing enough before they reached out to Victorious but they wanted to ramp up. Victorious helped them by identifying strategic keywords that were missing from their current list and improving ranks on existing keywords. In their first three months with Victorious, Everlance saw a 75% increase in total keywords ranked.

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