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  • Ranked keywords up 2,588% YOY
  • New sessions up 84.33% YOY
  • Ranking #1 for "medical risk adjustment"

ForeSee Medical

Replacing Tradeshows, SEO Delivers Leads

ForeSee Medical was a brand new startup with a just-built website, lofty revenue goals, and a long list of canceled tradeshows due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With their primary channel of lead generation gone overnight, they knew they were going to need some expert SEO help to build brand awareness and create a radically productive inbound lead channel. Fortunately, their newly onboarded Marketing Director had worked with Victorious before, so he knew he could rely on us to deliver success.

The Victorious Strategy

Operating in a niche market with a one-person marketing team and a limited budget makes it challenging (and critically important) to rank for keywords that drive qualified leads. But with such a unique product, how could ForeSee Medical drive brand awareness and bring in converting traffic?

Keywords Targeted for Conversion

We wanted to be sure that we were making the most of ForeSee’s campaign resources. So, after running a conversion analysis, we carefully crafted keyword themes to map to their highest converting pages — aiming to earn them the highest possible return on their investment with us.

Because ForeSee Medical operates in a niche within an industry posing stiff competition for broad keywords, we optimized their core product pages and value proposition with SEO content and built out their blog to rank for topics related to their specialized offering. The further down we could drill on long-tail keywords, the more likely we would be to drive qualified search traffic to their site.

Outranking Long-Standing, Authoritative Websites

With Victorious providing SEO content to seed informational pages, ForeSee Medical’s core pages rocketed up the rankings to usurp the top positions from .gov and .org sites that had long been trusted resources for information about “medical risk adjustment.” Establishing their authority as a trusted presence in the medical data industry was key to creating brand awareness and attracting prospects in a tightly regulated space.
ForeSee Medical

"I've worked with probably six SEO agencies over the years, and Victorious is by far the best. The collaborative strategy we've developed with them has shown consistent increases month over month."
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Steve Barth - Marketing Director

The Results

Off-the-Charts Keyword Search Growth

Creative keyword research and SEO content creation efforts have paid off with impressive results. Over the first year of our partnership with ForeSee Medical, traffic from target keyword search has grown by 5,308%.
ForeSee Medical

Total Organic Traffic On the Rise

ForeSee’s commitment to implementing our strategic recommendations continues to pay dividends, and organic web traffic climbs steadily with no signs of slowing.
ForeSee Medical

Traffic Value Demonstrates ROI

The creation of high authority, topically relevant content for ForeSee Medical’s blog has been integral to their SEO success. Below you can see how the traffic value for their ranking keywords has increased dramatically since the beginning of our partnership. These numbers alone establish the ROI of their SEO efforts.

Implementation for the Win

Since the beginning of our partnership, ForeSee Medical has diligently implemented all of our strategic recommendations. Their explosive entry onto the scene and bottom-line growth are tangible results of their commitment to SEO. After an amazing first year, we can’t wait to see what’s next for them.

We’re looking forward to being a part of it!

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