Results Timeline - 2 Years
  • Organic Search Traffic Increased 104%
  • Organic Clicks Increased 252%
  • Organic Impression Increased 284%
  • Total Keywords Ranked Increased 70.4%

GE Digital

252% Increase in Organic Traffic

ServiceMax from GE Digital is the leading field management application for enterprise businesses. Their goal is just like ours – customers increase revenue, reduce costs, and increase productivity and efficiency. The thing is, ServiceMax was already doing well with SEO when Victorious joined the team; Michael Cohen, the Digital Marketing Manager, has actually been doing in-house SEO for over 10 years, so our team’s approach leveraged the existing data to strengthen the SEO campaign – with Michael leading the charge.

Michael understands the ins and outs of SEO, and for that reason, he maintains a certain level of doubt when it comes to SEO strategy because, as he says with a slight laugh, “there is absolutely no guarantee.” Although we admit there is no guarantee per se, we took Michael’s skepticism as a challenge to show him how effective data-driven SEO can be, especially with a partner like Victorious.

Within the first three months, Michael was converted. The Victorious method proved advantageous time and time again by enhancing the already robust ServiceMax SEO campaign. Equipped with a reliable partner, Michael began to appreciate precisely how helpful a good SEO agency can be; today he can focus on other aspects of his role as Digital Marketing Manager while Victorious manages the SEO, plus, he doesn’t have to do that bothersome link building. A win all around!

GE Digital SEO Case Study - Victorious
GE Digital SEO Case Study Traffic Growth - Victorious

SEO strategy what works

Every client is different. For ServiceMax, the primary concern was the day-to-day management and upkeep of their SEO campaign. Before partnering with Victorious, Michael too often saw SEO fall to the wayside when other marketing priorities or ad hoc projects popped up; the campaign was doing well after all so who could complain? Well, Michael could. He didn’t just want to do well, he wanted to crush it.

So, we crushed it. Since Michael already had most of the ServiceMax SEO down, Victorious shaped a strategy that leveraged his capabilities while focusing on exceptional service in the areas that he felt needed the most attention. Our account management team captures what the ServiceMax SEO needs and makes sure nothing ever falls through the cracks – a level of service Michael has come to depend on.

"The Victorious results speak for themselves…they’re not going to forget, they’re going to make sure you’re implementing their suggestions, and they’re going to back up how they think those recommendations are going to come to fruition. We are definitely seeing a payoff."
Quote Mark
Michael Cohen - ServiceMax from GE Digital

After months of increased organic traffic, better link building, and overall better SEO results with Victorious, a new challenge presented itself when a significant new competitor entered the market. The competitor had the financial capability to be both dominating and strategic. Truthfully, the competitor disrupted the market from day one. Victorious stepped up its game with a guerrilla warfare-like approach to identify high-value gaps in the competitor’s strategy and essentially use their weakness to ServiceMax’s advantage. Thanks, Sun Tzu, for teaching us that warfare, at its best, is all about deception.

What we achieved with ServiceMax

Simply put – the results of Victorious’ SEO campaign organically improved ServiceMax’s online presence to maintain leading positions. In two years, ServiceMax increased organic clicks by 252%. Most importantly, by partnering with Victorious, Michael is able to keep ServiceMax’s SEO relevant and strategic.

Victorious provides Michael with detailed monthly reports that explains all the work that has been completed that month, rank increases and decreases, and the aggregate results. Michael used to do all the reporting himself, but with Victorious on his team, he can rely on our reports to tell him everything he needs to know month-to-month, taking yet another tedious task off his shoulders.

Since starting with Victorious two years ago, ServiceMax has had a 104% increase in organic traffic, 284% increase in organic impressions, and 70.4% increase in keywords ranked – despite their competition’s efforts to take control of the market. In your face major competitor who shall remain nameless (no, it’s not Volde…He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named).

Organic Clicks Increase

Collaboration is key. Victorious took the SEO strategy of an existing leader in the field management application market, leveraged their successes, identified areas of improvement, and implemented hands-on account management to increase organic traffic by 104%, clicks by 252%, and impressions by 284%. We work with ServiceMax to ensure that the SEO results remain positive; the partnership is kind of like peanut butter and jelly – both work well on their own slice of bread, but the magic happens when you put them together.

Special Projects: Keyword Cannibalization

We help with special projects too. For years, ServiceMax owned a nearly unused domain that has authority over the current website. They wanted to bring the domain on as a subdomain. While there were countless benefits to this transition, an ongoing problem was that the active ServiceMax website was being pushed to the second page of search results because it did not have domain authority. So the Victorious team went old-school SEO with a strategic keyword cannibalization effort to outrank the primary domain over the secondary domain. Okay, we know this got a little too technical but what we want you to know is this, if you have a random SEO project outside of the day-to-day, we can help with that too.

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