Results after 6 Months
  • 421% Increase in Organic Traffic
  • 291% Increase in Revenue from Organic Search
  • 1,394% Increase in Keywords Ranked on First Page
  • 250% SEO Campaign ROI

Gema & Co

Gema & Co Increases Organic Search Revenue by 291% in 6 Months

Gema & Co approached Victorious wanting to increase online sales of their engagement rings and wedding bands. They were looking to break into the highly-competitive engagement ring market, and were unsure how to gain traction from SEO.

The Solution

Victorious designed a custom campaign that focused on the ideal buyer, optimized keywords for intent, and maximized the compelling nature of Gema & Co’s space diamonds. Success began quickly, adding 1200 targeted ranked keywords in the first month alone.

Gema & Co ring
Gema & Co Ring

The Victorious SEO Campaign

After an initial comprehensive technical audit, the SEO campaign was based in a strategic set of monthly deliverables. Gema & Co’s first monthly report resulted in over 1,200 position gains for our target keywords, and they have been growing rapidly ever since.

The campaign strategy was also driven by the unique nature of the company’s product: all of their jewelry is made with moissanite, a diamond-like mineral that doesn’t exist on earth, but was discovered in a meteorite and is now synthesized in labs.

As such, moissanite offers socially-conscious people a great alternative to diamond mining, which has been known to have many issues for human rights and corruption. We knew the target audience would be interested in the owner’s story, and his passion for reducing corruption in the diamond industry. So we started to leverage that story in highly-engaging content that could drive aligned, high-intent buyers to his site.

The strategy worked. In addition to an impactful keyword strategy, we provided a conversion rate optimization analysis to help Gema & Co optimize their site, not just for search, but also for getting buyers to complete their purchases. After 6 months, the campaign has taken off. We are excited to see how far it can continue to grow!

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