Results Highlight - 7 Months
  • Page One Keywords Up 1,122%
  • Monthly Revenue Up 214% YoY
  • #1 for "Asian Streetwear"
  • Featured Snippet for "What to Bring to a Rave"
  • Positive Google Position Change +8,387

Lychee The Label

SEO Takes Streetwear to the Top With a 1,122% Increase in Page One Keywords

The Challenge

Lychee the Label was looking to close the distance with their top competition, increase monthly revenue, and gain recognition as a name in women’s streetwear.

The Solution

Victorious developed a one-two strategy with targeted keywords and optimized content to drive qualified traffic and conversions.

The Results

Lychee the Label took the top spot for “Asian Streetwear” and gained a featured snippet for “What to Bring to a Rave,” both of which drove organic traffic for a 214% increase in monthly revenue.

In a saturated market, Lychee the Label hit a roadblock — how could they drive traffic to their accessible, affordable K-pop-inspired clothing designed to make people feel cool and confident?

With a small in-house team and some pretty big competition, their thoughtful approach to Asian streetwear got drowned out by larger brands with bigger budgets. But rather than lament, they looked at this as an opportunity.

Turning Up the Volume With Optimized Content

Victorious’ strategy went something like this: Keywords + Content = Double Monthly Revenue.

We prioritized high-volume search terms like “Asian streetwear” and “kpop fashion” to attract Lychee’s target audience of social-media-savvy, aspiring fashion icons.
Then, our content team created original content and prepared briefs for Lychee’s in-house writers — complete with instructions for turning our keyword recommendations into high-ranking content.

In the end, every piece of Lychee’s SEO campaign came together to turn up the volume on their results across the board and raise their bottom line.

"We appreciate how in-depth Victorious has been with the technical details."
Quote Mark
Co-Founders of Lychee the Label

The Results

1. 8,387 positive Google position changes.

Our keyword research helped Lychee gain over 8k positions in Google Search for their targeted keywords and claim the top spot for important terms like “Asian streetwear.”

2. Page one keywords up by 1,122%.

Not only did Lychee The Label earn huge gains in Google Search position, but they blew away the competition with a steep increase of keywords that are ranking on page one of SERPs.

3. A 214% increase in monthly revenue (YoY).

Our SEO Content Strategy team combined a deep understanding of Lychee The Label’s target audience with spot-on keyword research to drive highly qualified traffic that converted.

Creative Content Earns Rave Results

Driving organic traffic is one thing, but what really matters most is driving traffic that converts. Lychee The Label’s co-founders went all-in with a commitment to our process, implementing recommended changes and getting creative in content ideation conversations. Their passion for their product and trust in SEO are why they keep crushing one goal after another.

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