Results Timeline - 6 Months
  • Impressions for “Static Analysis” Up By 345%
  • "API testing" from page 3 to page 1
  • Number one search position for "webui test"


A Strong Product Launch with No High-Volume Keywords

When Parasoft came to Victorious, they were looking to increase leads to a new product, and they needed an SEO strategy that would help them compete in a crowded sector against better-staffed companies. We did all of this, all while they migrated their site to a new back-end.

One of Parasoft’s unique challenges was having a product they couldn’t easily optimize for SEO because it was a brand new innovation. They were launching a product that didn’t have any unique keywords associated with it, so they were asking: how can we leverage SEO to market something that no one knows to search for?

Making things even more complicated, Parasoft already had an established product in their set of offerings that was competing for keywords that their new product was going to need to rank for. Our strategy team got creative to bring in traffic for the new product without cannibalizing existing keywords or competing for rank with their similar, established product.

Using Creative Content Ideation to Carve a Niche

We helped Parasoft create a page with educational content featuring both products, explaining the differences between them, and directing users to the product best suited for them. The older product page was de-optimized, and thematically related keywords were added to the new page to boost visibility for both products. Parasoft achieved #1 ranking for a high volume search query, as well as a People Also Ask below the ranked page.

Parasoft’s marketing team had been concerned that in executing their new product launch, they would inadvertently decrease the number of leads coming in from the site for their older product, so having an SEO agency come in to drive the strategy enabled a seamless transition.

"They deliver on every request that we have and every promise they give."
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Eddie Cervantes - Digital Marketing Specialist

The Results

#1 for “WebUI Test”

Parasoft had previously landed on page two for this high-volume query. Now, they hold the #1 position and are also featured in “People Also Ask.”

345% Increase in Impressions for “Static Analysis”

From teetering on the edge of page two search results to a solid standing on page one, Parasoft’s ranking for “static analysis” dramatically improved with its SEO campaign, and the result was at least twice as many visitors to their static analysis product page.

“API Testing” Moves from Page Three to Page One

Positive position change up to page one dramatically improved impressions and click-thrus for this strategically important keyword. After optimizing their API testing product page with Victorious, Parasoft was seeing almost 8x more traffic to the API testing product year-over-year, a valuable competitive advantage for this highly competitive product landscape.

A Rigorous Commitment to Understanding Niche Businesses

Initially, Parasoft was skeptical that anyone could understand their business as well as they do. As a software company providing software for other software companies, the language on their site was highly technical and full of subtleties. Our technical rigor won them over and our diligence in creating content that would drive traffic to their niche product paid off with a strong launch.

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