Results in 3 Months
  • Increased Goal Completions by 188%
  • Increased Conversion Rate by 197%
  • Increased Organic Impressions by 31%


Increased Organic Search Conversions by 188%

QiPoint develops B2B software for content management, security audit, and reporting on programs like SharePoint and Office 365. Among their clients are organizations like the Department of Justice, NASA, NATO, the White House, Microsoft, and Intel. Their VP of Digital Marketing, Andres Francis, had worked with several other SEO agencies and consultants before finding Victorious. When the SEO worked, he was happy, but when it didn’t, he wasn’t surprised since SEO always seemed to be mysterious to not only him but the SEO “experts” he hired.

Andres was humming along with their website, getting a good number of trial downloads, steady revenue, and contracts that proved their software was valuable – and then he decided to update his website. At the time, Andres, nor his web developer, considered SEO thoroughly. They changed all the pages, URLs, etc. which broke incoming links that he had spent years building, dropping a metaphoric bomb on QiPoint’s SEO.

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SEO strategy what works

QiPoint immediately started to see a drop in the number of trial software downloads, fewer site visitors, and, even, lost keyword rankings. It was a disaster. Andres reached out to what he called a “serious” SEO agency, ready to invest significant resources on recovering his position in the market. But nothing happened. Two months after that, he reached out to Victorious.

When Andres talks about his experience with Victorious, you can almost hear the sound of relief in his voice. Our proven expertise, methodical process, extensive awards, excellent customer reviews, and immediate value-add of the preliminary free audit (which he thought was an automated response but is actually done by Victorious strategists) eased his mind.

Andres had finally found in Victorious an SEO agency that could explain its process, anticipated results, the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of each action, and deliver. For a guy who self-admittedly didn’t know much about SEO, Victorious’ strategy was calming and easy to understand.

“It’s been great working with Victorious, we’ve seen improvements in search results, in revenue, in rankings… the team is really responsive, and I’m never waiting too long to get an answer if I have a question.”
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Andres Francis - QiPoint

QiPoint’s first month with Victorious was better than Andres expected. It was methodical, the process was well staged, the step-by-step made sense, it was more thorough compared to others, and left the SEO guessing game out. With Victorious’s project management tools, Chris could access the project to see what was happening, what was planned for the following month and further into the future, how much time an action took, which goals were being accomplished and how; it was great! He could see where his money was being spent, which for an agile startup is essential!

Beyond Andres’ overall happiness with Victorious’s methods were the results. In the first month, QiPoint’s traffic nearly doubled, bringing it just above where it had been before they updated the website. Victorious fixed broken links, resolved duplicate content issues, and really put QiPoint’s SEO back together, all in the first month.

What we achieved with QiPoint

Sometimes getting back to the status quo is enough to make someone happy. At Victorious, that just isn’t good enough. In the second month, QiPoint saw an improvement in organic traffic that resulted in an increase in website chats, translating into real customers. Trial downloads doubled in the second month, as well – extremely important to QiPoint’s sales and revenues.

Meaningful Conversions for Real Sales

Within three months, QiPoint’s conversion rate had increased by 197%. Conversion is vital to all businesses, but for software companies that rely on making sales online, getting the right customers to their site is truly critical.

Increased Keywords Ranked

With Victorious, the keywords QiPoint previously ranked for started to pop back up on the first page, and new keywords that Victorious had selected were hitting the first page, too, which also resulted in increased organic traffic for customers looking for QiPoint’s B2B software solution.

Although the SEO campaign continues to progress forward, by just their third month with Victorious, we are achieving significant success with QiPoint, with their highest sales in the last 5 years.

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