Results Timeline - 1 Year
  • 7,757% Increase in Organic Clicks
  • 513% Year-Over-Year Increase in Organic Traffic
  • 11,345 New Keywords Ranked on Google

A 513% Increase in Organic Traffic Solidifies a Niche App’s Authority

The Challenge needed to boost app signups through organic search but couldn’t do it in-house.

The Solution

Victorious laid the groundwork for long-term SEO success by establishing targeted backlinks and inbound social media links.

The Results saw over 11,000 new keywords ranked on Google and a 500+% increase in organic traffic year-over-year.

Generally, church donations go something like this: A plate is passed around, the congregation puts cash or a check on the plate, and then it goes into the church’s funds. took that process and made it digital so people can give right from their smartphones.

However, they’d need to get the word out about this new donation format. Was SEO the key to boosting the number of app signups?

In’s industry, it’s less about page rankings than it is about the number of users, so Victorious customized our SEO strategy and reporting to get Frank the signup results he had been looking for with other agencies.

Our first step was to run an SEO Audit. We addressed 17 major obstacles and issues on the website to improve organic performance. Then, we established a linking strategy to show Google that is an established brand with brand awareness.

In their first month with Victorious, set a record for the most organic sessions in the site’s history. They used these SEO wins to leverage further successes with Victorious. In the end, created an established, authoritative software brand through smart SEO strategies and no outbound marketing department.

“For me, and for, search is something that’s evergreen, it’s always going to be there, and there is always going to be people searching for things that matter to them, so it was really important that we were showing up. Our whole business is built around an inbound model, so search is a big component and channel of people finding us.”
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Frank Barry

The Results

1. 11,345 new keywords ranked on Google.

Each month, beats its last month in total keyword rankings, keywords in the Top 3, organic clicks, and organic impressions.

2. 500+ new account creations per month. has seen a 200% increase in organic social signals, a 300% increase in syndicated content, and a 99+% referral rate from completed signups.

3. A 513% increase in organic traffic (YoY). surpassed its biggest competitor in every organic metric, becoming the leading software in its niche Church Management market.

Outpacing the Competition With Optimization

What started as a hopeful endeavor has turned into a successful business venture.’s openness to our recommendations was the key to lifting the organic search floodgates. Expert strategy and a collaborative partnership have allowed them to rise to the top — one goal at a time.

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