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A brand spanking new website is exciting! And starting to see people visit it is even more exciting. With Victorious, your site is no longer in the black hole of the internet: it's front and center and ready for viewing.

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Intuitive keywords are selected by Victorious that match commercial, volume, and competition levels to deliver new customers.

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Victorious ranks high value geo-specific pages using 200+ optimization factors to outpace and outrank your competition.

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The Victorious combination of technology and people can acquire unlimited hyper-targeted links with Google-approved metrics from new referring domains to any desired page on your website.

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SEO for new site design

When you unleash a new website, you start out without any sort of authority in the eyes of Google, and you need to find a way to compete against sites that have been around for years or even decades. But the good news is that with a strategic SEO agency in place with sound best practices, SEO for a new website doesn’t have to be complicated.

At Victorious, we have a proven process for ranking new websites, even in the most competitive industries, and we can help you figure out the best way to move forward. It all starts with a free SEO consultation where we learn more about your business goals and create a strategy custom-tailored to your needs.

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  • Why Should I Work With an SEO Consultant?
  • Keyword Research For New Websites
  • Tracking SEO for New Local vs. International SEO
  • Be Victorious with your New Site

SEO Strategy for a New Website

SEO for a new website is a complicated process that needs to be carefully planned out depending on your company, your goals, and your current web presence. At Victorious, we provide a proven website redesign SEO checklist if you already have a website that needs a rehaul, or a reliable method for getting brand new sites ranked quickly. Here’s a quick breakdown of what our process looks like:

To start SEO for a new website, we will first take the time to select the best keyword themes for your company, looking at your company history, your typical customers, and a range of SEO metrics to determine the choices with the most potential.

Then, we will take your site through our rigorous 200+ factor technical SEO checkup, ensuring that your website is miles ahead of the competition and is in prime position to dominate SEO rankings.

We’ll also perform a thorough analysis of your competition, including what keywords they rank for, what backlinks they’ve accumulated, and the biggest opportunities for getting ahead of them.

Once your site is rolling, we will use the proven and reliable methods for acquiring valuable backlinks that will show Google your site is worth ranking, even above sites that have been around for many years.

Finally, we’ll set up tracking systems to monitor performance and make timely adjustments as we learn more about what’s delivering the best results. At Victorious, we have a track record of exceeding client expectations and only using strategies that will bring results quickly and ensure that they last for years to come.

Why Should I Work With an SEO Consultant?

Now that we’ve gone through some of the SEO steps for a new website and explored why it’s essential for your online success, you might be wondering whether to try and handle SEO on your own or to hire an expert to do it for you.

After all, there’s an abundance of information about how to do SEO for a new website, so you might be tempted to save some money and set everything up yourself after watching a few tutorials on YouTube.

Unfortunately, that’s where businesses may end up getting stuck, costing them valuable time and, most importantly, a lot of missed opportunities for attracting new clients.

For one thing, even if you did manage to figure out how to set up SEO for a new website, the time and resources it would require from your team would likely end up taking away from business operations.

And without extensive experience, chances are that you wouldn’t get everything right, which would make attaining the top positions for the relevant keywords a tough task.

At Victorious, we have some of the brightest SEO minds in the country and have a proven SEO checklist for new websites that helps us cover all bases and give our clients the best shot of success. We will take the time to understand your goals and provide you with the fastest and most effective plan of action for achieving them.

Meanwhile, you can focus on running your business, knowing that your website and your SEO campaign are in good hands and prepare for an influx of new customers once your website starts ranking on the first page of Google.

Keyword Research For New Websites

Keyword research and analysis is at the very forefront of SEO for a new website. Since you’re basically starting from scratch, it’s crucial to take the time and carefully analyze the landscape of your industry online.

Our team of experts works with each new client and structures the entire SEO campaign on the discoveries that are made using the keyword research process.

This way, we can identify the most promising opportunities early, and help our clients discover hidden opportunities for ranking quickly, providing fast results and building a foundation that helps to attain rankings for even the most competitive keywords in your niche.

We use an approach that is similar to the way Google processes keywords: instead of picking one-off keywords that seem promising, we select keyword themes, which provides a stronger foundation and helps rank for a broader range of similar terms. We also understand that not all keywords are created equal, and look for keywords that have purchase-intent and have the biggest potential to deliver an excellent ROI to our clients.

After all, the purpose of running SEO campaigns is not to rank for as many keywords as possible, but to focus on the keywords that deliver results and bring in new customers.

At the same time, it’s crucial to base the strategy on keywords that will bring sufficient traffic, which is why in addition to looking at potential ROI, we also look at the search volume and look for a balance between pursuing niche keywords with lower search numbers and broader keywords that can bring in a lot of people to your site.

Tracking SEO for New Local vs. International SEO

SEO tracking is at the very center of search success for a new website because without knowing whether the strategies are working, it would be impossible to make changes or build on success. But SEO can be quite different depending on whether you’re a local company in a specific location, or an international business targeting many countries and even multiple languages.

With global SEO campaigns that target broad audiences, monthly search volume plays a much more significant role. Since you’re operating across the borders of many countries, the pool of prospective customers is much larger as well, so going for keywords with a lot of monthly searches is often a viable strategy.

Meanwhile, when you’re targeting narrow local keywords, the volume of the searches and the clicks isn’t as important, as long there’s buyer intent and the potential to bring in qualified leads for your business.

In both cases, it’s crucial to track performance numbers to see which keywords show the most promise. For international SEO, the conversion rate can be lower if the volume of clicks is high enough. As for local searches, it’s important to identify and focus on the most promising keywords that bring in business, even if the search volume is quite low.

In both international and local SEO, you must carefully monitor the bounce rate on your website. If people are leaving immediately after stumbling on your site, that means that there’s either a severe functionality issue or that the traffic that you’re getting isn’t in line with your offer.

You should also make sure to keep tabs on how many of your pages are getting indexed and ranked for relevant keywords and try to maximize each page to rank for as many related queries as possible.

Be Victorious with your New Site

Launching a website is a huge task, so it’s easy to understand why many people get overwhelmed when asking the question, “how to start SEO for my website?”

The truth is, if you already have a website and are only now thinking about SEO, you might need to take a few steps back to make sure that the fundamental pieces that make a website SEO-friendly are there. We can help you with that!

Remember, Google and other search engines have clamped down on sites trying to cheat their way to the top of the rankings, so if you’re going to stand a chance in your niche, you’ll need to go through all the set-up carefully and do your due diligence with SEO best practices.

For one thing, you will need to make sure that your website is fast enough and can handle an influx of traffic from all over the world. Slow sites are not only infuriating for your customers, but they are also frowned upon by Google, which is why taking long to load will be penalized, causing slower sites to suffer severe blows to their rankings.

Another crucial aspect you need to consider is whether your new website is mobile-friendly. The majority of all online traffic is now on mobile, so you need to make sure that your site is easy and convenient to browse on any device. A few years ago, Google rolled out mobile-first site indexing, which means that the mobile sites are indexed first and judged when determining the order of the rankings.

Beyond the functional basics that revolve around the user experience, you also need to think about the bigger picture: how you’ll position your brand online, what type of content you’ll put out, and how it will affect your SEO efforts.

To develop a comprehensive SEO strategy for a new website, merely having an optimized site is not enough. You also need to have an understanding of the functionality and purpose of your website, have content prepared and ready to publish around the most relevant keywords and topics, and have a clear plan of how you want to interact with your audience once prospects start clicking through.

Most websites in your niche are probably using a range of SEO techniques to get higher rankings. To compete, you will also need a structured approach that’s based on an understanding of the competition’s online presence, including the range of pages that they have, and the types of backlinks that they pursue.

At Victorious, we use a proven process for going through each aspect of SEO for a new website, which helps ensure that your site is positioned for success from the very start. Our approach is structured around delivering tangible ROI in under 45 days, faster than any other agency you might be considering.

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How Victorious takes SEO ROI

Campaign Metrics

Goal Tracking
Call Tracking

Ecommerce tracking works similarly as goal tracking but the metric tracked differs slightly. For businesses whose POS (point of sale) is directly on their website, ecommerce tracking provides a comprehensive overview of data during an SEO campaign and allows businesses to see opportunities in scalability and in increased revenue. By channeling the data through filters like organic search, social media, email, etc. we can trace the origin of traffic which helps determine which channels are most effective through SEO and analyze and improve where needed.

Depending on the size of business, goal tracking, and eCommerce tracking help communicate the effectiveness of an SEO campaign. All Victorious SEO campaigns use goal and eCommerce tracking to show just how effective the SEO is working. Tracking these metrics shows how increased traffic turns into increased leads and increased leads turn into an increase in revenue.

ROI is the ultimate metric of success in determining the ways SEO has boosted organic traffic to your website and your search engine result page ranking. Victorious reporting provides detailed metrics that focus on revenue generated and return on investment to see notable wins, as well as areas for improvement. By analyzing the source from which the revenue was generated, like organic traffic or email sequences, Victorious can determine active channels and optimize appropriately. The account management in our SEO services includes monthly reports that focus on revenue generated and return on investment to see notable wins in your SEO campaign, as well as areas for improvement and possible increases in SEO practices.

Many businesses get most of their conversions from phone calls, whether it’s a doctor’s office or direct service providers like lawyers and plumbers. Call tracking provides the sources of your phone calls and conversions using a different phone number to track the source of the call – organic, pay-per-click, and even offline advertising. Using dynamic number insertion, Victorious can also track the keyword, source of conversion, and other pertinent information about the call to accurately track SEO ROI and conversion rates.

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Why is SEO for a New Website Necessary?

When you decide that your business needs a website, your primary motivation probably revolves around getting people to visit it. Moreso, you likely expect people that visit to be interested in what you have to offer or even be actively looking for your services.

That’s where SEO plays a vital role.

There are many ways to get people onto your site: you could run paid ads, plaster banners all around the web, or promote on your social media feeds. But with SEO, you can reach people that are actively looking for what you have to offer and don’t have to pay for every click to your site.

Unfortunately, when you first launch your site, it’s virtually invisible to anyone outside of the people that have the direct link. That’s why you need a structured and comprehensive SEO strategy to make your site become visible to Google and to the thousands of potential customers that type in relevant queries every day.

In most cases, merely adding content to your site won’t be enough; you will need a proactive approach for SEO that looks at what others are doing and builds on it, following sound practices encouraged by Google itself. Luckily, if your site is well optimized and adheres to Google’s rules, you can usually outrank even better-established competitors. At Victorious, we start with keyword research, move into a thorough site audit, and then employ a range of on-page and off-site SEO techniques.

Although ranking for competitive keywords does take time, once you attain top positions, every click to your site is completely free, unlike paid ads that can quickly rack up thousands of dollars in expenses.

And because search engine rankings are organic, they have a built-in trust factor with your audience. When people see an ad, their defenses automatically go up, and they expect to be sold or even taken advantage of. Meanwhile, when they look for a solution and see your company at the top of the SERP, that serves as a signal that your company is trustworthy and is a leading choice in your niche.

The people that look for solutions are typically much further ahead in their buyer’s journey, and often just need to find a reliable and trustworthy company to do business with.

If you take the time to create your website to align with your brand and your values, provide valuable information, and base your strategy on sound and proven SEO strategies, you will not only quickly rise in the rankings but will also have the best chance of converting prospects once they come to your site.