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Grow your agency and improve customers' SEO by partnering with Victorious. By outsourcing your SEO needs, you can focus on delivering competitive, flexible digital marketing to your customers - without sacrificing quality.

SEO Reseller

Keyword Strategy

Intuitive keywords are selected by Victorious that match commercial, volume, and competition levels to deliver new customers.

Unmatched Technical SEO

Victorious ranks high value geo-specific pages using 200+ optimization factors to outpace and outrank your competition.

Small Business Link Building

The Victorious combination of technology and people can acquire unlimited hyper-targeted links with Google-approved metrics from new referring domains to any desired page on your website.

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A reseller program to grow your business

There are times when you wish you could offer that special client a little more. Maybe a lot more. The reseller program is the perfect answer.

Here’s everything you need to know about pursuing a reseller program. Consider this a starting guide for agencies thinking of outsourcing their SEO services. Here, you will be able to know how reselling is done, why you need a reseller program, and how to get the best reseller as a partner.

Think about this… You’ve got a client who wants SEO services and because you want to retain the client and you also don’t want to lose the sale, you agree to provide your client with the services. But in the back of your mind, you are certain you don’t know quite enough about SEO. However, you still think it can be done.

After a while of trial and error, nothing seems to work. Your client starts to lose patience and your team doesn’t seem to be comfortable with what you are asking them to do. This is because they are not SEO experts.

This is a scenario that a lot of agencies and freelancers encounter today.

You don’t have to go through such a frustrating process and no, you shouldn’t turn down your client’s request. You can easily outsource the work to a reseller like Victorious. This way, you can hand over the whole optimization process to reliable experts while gaining ample time to find new clients and do the work you love to do.

  • Victorious’ SEO Expertise
  • What is a Reseller for SEO?
  • The Biggest Benefits of Outsourcing SEO
  • Reasons to Use a Reseller
  • Learning About Reseller Services
  • How to Select the Best Reseller

Victorious’ SEO Expertise

By partnering with us, you will get access to a team of laser-focused, devoted, and passionate SEO experts for each one of your tasks. As leaders in white label SEO reseller services, we have a full division of SEO experts who are highly skilled and are well aware of all the modern advancements in the SEO field. We stay up to date with all the Google algorithms and constantly adjust to ensure that the services we offer remain effective and up to date.

What is a Reseller for SEO?

An SEO reseller is a firm that deals with SEO and outsources its services to other agencies, a private label SEO reseller in this case. They usually work with editors, writers, and publishers to do keyword research, and generate valuable backlinks at scale. They also work with a team of copywriters that is tasked with generating content.

In other words, those who use resellers can provide SEO services but they don’t primarily work with an in-house team of SEO professionals.

The Biggest Benefits of Outsourcing SEO

SEO resellers are beneficial in numerous ways, and there are many reasons why you should use them.

SEO is a Complex Process
As Google continues to roll out new algorithms, the SEO world becomes more complex. Unlike the past when Google rankings were based on backlinks and anchor texts, today the new changes in Google algorithms are much more involved. You cannot just purchase backlinks and stuff your content with keywords. You have to know exactly what you are doing. Unless you are competent in search engine optimization, the process can be hectic and frustrating. SEO resellers make the process simple for you to provide your clients with SEO services they need without having to spend money on hiring freelancers.

SEO isn’t a Cheap Practice
SEO is costly. In fact, many SEO consultants offer their services on an hourly basis. This means paying for link building and all the other SEO tasks on an hourly basis, which can get expensive. Some agencies prefer working with SEO consultants on job boards such as Upwork since it seems affordable, but the results are not comprehensive, reasonable, or reliable. Outsourcing when doing it in a piecemeal fashion is not worth the effort.

Reasons to Use a Reseller

There are many benefits of using a reseller such as making profits with lower overhead. Other benefits include:

You Get Great Results
Sure, you can hire a freelancer to do link building, but the results you get when you use a reseller are incomparable to those of a freelancer. They utilize sophisticated techniques (and costly software) to analyze metrics that a freelancer typically cannot.

No More Turning Down Niche-Specific Clients
As an agency, you may successfully get a lot of clients from niches that you have no competence in. You don’t have to reject these deals since they can handle the work for you. Most resellers are proficient in a wide variety of niches and work with diverse clients from different industries.

No Need for Purchasing SEO Tools
SEO tools are costly and you might not be willing to buy and learn all the tools for the work. Most SEO tools are offered at a high price which makes it impossible for smaller agencies that have just started offering SEO services. That’s where reseller services come in handy.

Learning About Reseller Services

Many people think that a reseller program will only offer link building services. But the truth is that they are not different from SEO firms. They offer all the SEO services mentioned below and more.

Keyword Research
You don’t have to use SEO tools for keyword research since SEO resellers can do the keyword research work for you. If you want keywords to target local audiences, you can use a local reseller to research keywords that are related to local searches. So, you don’t have to spend your money on expensive tools or your time that could be better spent elsewhere in your business.

Link Building
Link building is one of the main focuses of SEO resellers. They use a lot of tactics to build high-quality backlinks and do it in a way that protects your client’s website from harm.

On-page audit
In your new SEO campaign, you must start with an on-page SEO audit. SEO resellers have techniques to do concrete audits that are thorough and backed by experience. These audits may give you the opportunity for even more revenue once gaps are brought to light.

How to Select the Best Reseller

How to Select the Best Reseller?

A reseller should act as a helping hand for your firm. You will establish a long-lasting relationship with the reseller as you continue to outsource SEO services and handle critical tasks for your clients. Note that poor SEO can lead your client to get penalized by Google and also hurt their rankings so selecting the right reseller is critical.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a reseller which includes:

SEO is evolving: What works today might not work tomorrow since Google is constantly rolling out new algorithms. You need to consider picking a reseller with many years of experience, at least 4 years.

Communication is crucial in every type of work. When picking a reseller, you need to consider working with a reseller who is responsive and can offer knowledgeable support. Check on their website to see the type of support they offer as well. Track how quickly they get back to you, answer your concerns, and follow up on their promises.

Also, consider this when choosing reseller packages and plans…

Testimonials from Real Businesses
While most people depend on online reviews and testimonials, when it comes to selecting a reseller, you need to look for testimonials from real people. Note that most SEO agencies use fake testimonials. Here, you need to find real businesses that have used the services of the reseller. Check on social media platforms such as Twitter and get their contacts so you can call them to get more information about the reseller before you decide to work together.

GE Digital
GE Digital
See how Victorious helped GE increase organic impressions by 284% in two years.

"Victorious is a great agency that delivers results and growth. It’s a pleasure to work with them."

How Victorious takes SEO ROI

Campaign Metrics

Goal Tracking
Call Tracking

Ecommerce tracking works similarly as goal tracking but the metric tracked differs slightly. For businesses whose POS (point of sale) is directly on their website, ecommerce tracking provides a comprehensive overview of data during an SEO campaign and allows businesses to see opportunities in scalability and in increased revenue. By channeling the data through filters like organic search, social media, email, etc. we can trace the origin of traffic which helps determine which channels are most effective through SEO and analyze and improve where needed.

Depending on the size of business, goal tracking, and eCommerce tracking help communicate the effectiveness of an SEO campaign. All Victorious SEO campaigns use goal and eCommerce tracking to show just how effective the SEO is working. Tracking these metrics shows how increased traffic turns into increased leads and increased leads turn into an increase in revenue.

ROI is the ultimate metric of success in determining the ways SEO has boosted organic traffic to your website and your search engine result page ranking. Victorious reporting provides detailed metrics that focus on revenue generated and return on investment to see notable wins, as well as areas for improvement. By analyzing the source from which the revenue was generated, like organic traffic or email sequences, Victorious can determine active channels and optimize appropriately.

Many businesses get most of their conversions from phone calls, whether it’s a doctor’s office or direct service providers like lawyers and plumbers. Call tracking provides the sources of your phone calls and conversions using a different phone number to track the source of the call – organic, pay-per-click, and even offline advertising. Using dynamic number insertion, Victorious can also track the keyword, source of conversion, and other pertinent information about the call to accurately track SEO ROI and conversion rates.

Campaign Metrics Dashboard View
2018 SEO Market Leader

Why choose Victorious?

Increase organic traffic. Land first page search results. Collaborate with some really cool people. Need we say more?

Scalable Campaigns

Launching a startup with limited capital? No problem. Want to test our process before ramping up your budget? Sounds good to us. With Victorious, all campaigns are structured to allow for seamless scalability. We'll prove our model, and you'll see revenue soar.

Scalable Campaigns

Dedicated to Data

Smart data for smart people. Each SEO campaign with Victorious is rooted in hard data collected, sorted, and analyzed by SEO experts. By taking the guesswork out of the process, the campaign is designed to reach your target audience.

Dedicated to Data

True Team Enterprise

We're all MVPs here. Victorious takes pride in hiring and retaining top SEO talent by providing an environment where people thrive. Every member of the Victorious team is experienced and knowledgeable in SEO strategy, so you only work with people who know how to make your SEO campaign succeed.

True Team Enterprise

Real Time Analytics

The waiting game is over. Launching an SEO campaign with Victorious includes access to VictoriousAnalytics®, a real-time reporting platform that puts all SEO-data at your fingertips. Log in at any time of the day and see current keyword rankings, organic traffic growth, and ROI.

Real Time Analytics
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Expand the value of your agency with SEO from Victorious

By outsourcing SEO services to a reseller, you can get time to find new clients as well as concentrate on other critical tasks within your business. Victorious is ready to help you make the leap to offering SEO for your agency. Get in touch with us to see how we can help.

When you’re ready to take your SEO service offerings to the next level, you can depend on Victorious to provide quality, knowledge and a proven success rate of building better visibility for businesses. It’s a complete win/win for your agency.

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