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SEO Services for Lawyers

In a cut-throat and competitive industry, law firm SEO services are what sets your practice apart from other law firms — regardless of the type of law you specialize in.

People searching for legal services are increasingly turning to search engines to compare options and find the best attorney for their needs. Law firms that don’t have a strong online presence will find it difficult to make an impact.

A law firm SEO consultant can help you expand your clientele and grow your practice using tools of the trade such as on-page SEO, link building, and more. While it is an initial investment, the results of working with a law firm SEO company are are exponential, with SEO achieving high ROI that compounds over time.

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    Outrank Competitors With a Professional SEO Strategy

    • Why Should Law Firms Invest in SEO?
    • Content Marketing for Law Firms
    • Keyword Research for Law Firm Websites
    • Link Building for Law Firms
    • Technical SEO for Law Firm Websites
    • Use Local SEO to Attract Customers

    Why Should Law Firms Invest in SEO?

    Organic search is now the number one research source for anyone looking for a lawyer.

    When consumers enter a search query for a personal injury law firm or local lawyer on Google, they are looking for someone that showcases their expertise and authority. Your website is the perfect place to demonstrate that.

    Your firm’s success hinges not just on your legal experience, but on bringing in new cases. Without SEO, you’re missing out on a significant stream of new business.

    Finding Success With a Lawyer SEO Agency

    Since Google’s founding in 1998, appearing on the first page for your chosen keywords has always been important; however, throwing a few vague keywords into your website’s content is no longer enough to become number one.

    Law firms can’t succeed by just haphazardly publishing a blog every so often. Our SEO experts produce tailored strategies to cover all the bases of search engine optimization. We are constantly adapting our SEO strategies to enable law firms to cope with the advancements made by Google.

    A targeted SEO strategy is not only the key to success; it is the bare minimum for every attorney in the digital era.

    Content Marketing for Law Firms

    The written content on your website is the single biggest factor in where you rank on Google. The more confident Google is in the quality of your content, the higher you will rank.

    If an individual remains on your website and interacts with it, Google will see your law firm as relevant to that search result. If they quickly return to Google search results, your law firm is seen as less relevant.

    Relevant, high-quality content is what attracts and keeps people interested. For smaller law firms, great content is what allows you to compete with big multinational law firms.

    Traffic-generating content includes:

    • How-to guides
    • Localized practice area pages
    • Ebooks
    • Legal checklists
    • Tips for handling cases
    • Interviews with prominent legal figures
    • Guides to local events

    We identify areas for improvement in your content footprint, as well as helping you create new search intent aligned content that builds topical authority and ranks competitively in SERPs.

    Keyword Research for Law Firm Websites

    A landing page is the first place your prospective client lands on your website. To win new business, your landing pages must make visitors want to find out more. You only have a few seconds to make a great first impression.

    Yes, content is important, but content only succeeds when it fulfills the needs and expectations of the person reading it. For that, you need to choose the right keywords.

    Keywords are about intent and successful SEO campaigns incorporate keywords that match user intent.

    What makes a good target keyword for your law firm?

    • Popularity: It is pointless to target a keyword that nobody is searching for. You need to target keywords that are actually worth ranking for.
    • Relevance: Target keywords must relate to what you do. There is no value in targeting “divorce lawyers” if you specialize in auto accidents.
    • Competition: Competition is a key factor in whether targeting a certain keyword is viable. It could take months and years to reach the first page of Google for the most competitive keywords.
    • Conversion Value: Your keywords must have a high conversion value to be worth targeting. We track down keywords that are likely to lead to new business.
    • Targeted: The legal industry tends to serve a specific market. Picking highly targeted keywords enables firms to get the most bang for their buck.

    It’s All About Balance

    You want to target popular keywords, but you don’t want to be competing with law firms generating billions of dollars per year. After all, every dollar invested in SEO has to be returned in the form of new business to make the venture worthwhile.

    We dial in on keyword groups that build on your existing momentum, align with your overall marketing goals, and drive high-conversion traffic to your most important pages. By tracking metrics like conversion value and choosing the keywords that are likely to yield the highest ROI, we secure value for money in every SEO campaign.

    Link Building for Law Firms

    Read any reputable article online, and you will spot links throughout that content going to other websites. These are what we call backlinks, and the sites on the receiving end are investing in their SEO.

    Link building is an essential component of any SEO strategy, and the same goes for the legal industry. Most law firms continue to use outdated link-building strategies that are hurting their businesses.

    Why Are Backlinks So Important?

    To Google, backlinks are a vote of confidence. If a website with a high domain authority rating links to your law firm, it shows that you are a reliable resource of insightful information. It also proves to Google that your organization is legitimate and reputable.

    Great backlinks increase the trust Google puts in your brand. We tailor your link-building plan to your campaign goals, effectively bridging competitive gaps in unique referring domains, strengthening your website’s topical authority, and accelerating traffic gains to your most important pages.

    Technical SEO for Law Firm Websites

    Technical errors may be inadvertently holding your law firm back from reaching its full potential in organic search. We look beyond what a potential lead sees and ensures Google also sees what they want to see.

    If your website has technical problems, Google may have trouble inspecting your website. It may be unable to index your brand, which means your website will fail to appear where it should.

    Common examples of technical SEO errors include:

    • Slow loading speeds
    • Mobile optimization issues
    • Duplicate content
    • Crawl errors
    • Missing HTTPS
    • Broken links

    Thankfully, most technical SEO problems are relatively simple to resolve. With an attorney SEO company, you can spend more time practicing law and less time worrying about metadata.

    Improve Your SEO for a Better Client Experience

    User experience also plays a huge role in whether your SEO campaign succeeds. No amount of SEO will take your law firm to the number one spot if your website’s usability fails to make the grade.

    Things that attribute to a poor user experience include:

    • Unresponsive pages
    • Poor mobile experience
    • Bad design
    • Uncomfortable browsing
    • Missing features

    The simplest way to think about it is: if you saw that website for the first time, would it make you want to reach out to the business?

    Law Firm SEO Services With Integrity

    The penalties of not playing by the rules are severe, with entire law firms being de-indexed from Google Search.

    We understand the cost of shady SEO tactics, and so we check, double-check, and triple-check to ensure our strategies remain in compliance with the latest Google standards.

    Use Local SEO to Attract Customers

    Chances are, you focus on practicing law within your city, county, or state. For this reason, you want leads from those communities you serve.

    Local SEO focuses on targeting users by geographical location. That means ranking number one for “car accident lawyer in Minneapolis, Minnesota” or “car accident lawyer near me” rather than “car accident lawyer.”

    Investing in local SEO has the advantage of less competition; it means you can spend less to get the results you want.

    Today, local SEO remains one of the strongest client acquisition strategies in the legal industry. But it requires a tailored approach to guarantee success. Get your personalized local SEO plan — contact us for a free SEO consultation.

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    Measures of Success

    Get Local

    For most lawyers, the competition is local. There are only so many positions on the first page of Google. Fall out of the top three, and click-through rates drop.

    A visible presence locally and nationally on page one can be the turning point in your law firm’s story. By leveraging geo-specific keywords, you can outrank your competitors for the phrases real people are using to get legal representation.

    Gain Authority

    In the legal industry, reputation is everything. To establish reputability, you not only need to be a talented legal mind with a commitment to securing the best possible outcome for your clients, but you also need to show your expertise online.

    Growing your visibility online generates more leads and opens the door to new partnership opportunities, which can become the defining factor in any law firm.

    The benefits of investing in your search engine optimization extend beyond traffic and lead generation. They carve out a niche for your brand to occupy. Many of our legal clients have not only landed high-paying clients, but they have also got their names into prominent legal publications and invites to industry events.

    Drive Calls

    For smaller businesses, leads often come in via phone call or email sequences. Tracking whether these leads ultimately originated from organic search provides a quantifiable measurement of how your SEO efforts are impacting lead generation.

    Additionally, for physical businesses, Google Business is an essential source of clicks. Optimizing your Google Business Profile is another facet of any successful SEO campaign.

    If you can rank for highly specific terms like car accident lawyer near me” or “[Community Name] personal injury lawyer,” users can either click on your site or use the number on your Google Business Profile to give you a call. Making it easy to connect with a prospect person-to-person dramatically increases your chances of securing new business.

    Get Leads

    Convert your traffic into real leads. Traffic numbers mean nothing if visitors aren’t converting. We turn traffic into leads through your calls-to-action, helping you optimize your web copy for both SEO and sales, positioning you as the number one legal option for potential clients.

    Investing in lead generation enables you to witness a direct return on your investment.

    Improve Blogs

    Your blog doesn’t have to be a database of complex legal terms and dry cases. Instead, showcase your expertise with articles people can easily digest and gain information from. This makes it easier for them to trust your authority and your ability to represent them.

    With SEO, your blog is likely the second most important page on your website. Many of our SEO strategies utilize value-laden blogs and “how-to” guides as a lightning rod for delivering traffic at the local and national levels.

    Elevate Your Marketing Efforts

    How Your Law Firm Can Be Victorious

    We want you to focus on what really matters: spending less time online and more time working with real people.

    Whether you want to be hands-on or hands-off, our team has everything you need to be Victorious.

    We Know What Makes a Winning SEO Strategy

    While you could theoretically opt for the DIY approach, most lawyers (and most people in most businesses) lack the time to become an expert in another field. Working with us offers you the chance to invest in the benefits of having an in-house SEO team without paying the enormous cost of actually having an in-house SEO team.

    Every member of the Victorious team is an experienced and knowledgeable attorney SEO expert, so you only work with people who know how to make your campaign succeed. Furthermore, our campaigns are rooted in data that’s collected, sorted, and analyzed by SEO experts. By taking the guesswork out of the process, your campaign is set up for success from the very beginning.