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Learn how a real estate SEO company can help you outrank the competition, so you can spend less time selling yourself to customers and more time closing deals.

Commercially Viable Keywords

We'll identify keywords that match commercial intent, volume, and competition levels to drive qualified traffic to your real estate website.

Optimized Service Pages

We'll help you improve high-value service pages using 200+ optimization factors so you outpace and outrank the competition in search results.

Laser-Focused Link Building

We have a proven track record of acquiring hyper-targeted links from new referring domains to any desired page on our real estate clients' websites.

Why Is SEO Important for Real Estate?

The real estate industry has become one of the most competitive industries online, and most real estate agents and investors have realized they need a strong presence in search engines to gain a competitive edge.

When people enter a search query for real estate services on Google, they are looking for someone that showcases their industry expertise and authority. Your website is the perfect place to demonstrate that.

Your success hinges not just on your experience, but on bringing in new business — and without SEO, you’re missing out on a significant stream of new business. SEO services for real estate help you optimize your online content to increase organic search traffic (and therefore, drive more qualified leads).

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Measures of Success

Get Local

For most real estate businesses, the competition is local. There are only so many positions on the first page of Google. Fall out of the top three, and click-through rates drop.

A locally visible presence on page one can be the turning point for your business. By leveraging geo-specific keywords, you can outrank your competitors for the search terms real people are using to buy and sell homes.

Gain Authority

In the real estate industry, reputation is everything. You not only need to be committed to securing the best possible outcome for your clients, but you also need to show your expertise online.

Growing your brand visibility online generates more leads and opens the door to new business. And the benefits of investing in real estate SEO services extend beyond traffic and lead generation — they carve out a niche space for your business to occupy.

Drive Calls

For small businesses, leads often come in via phone call or email sequences. Tracking whether these leads came from organic search provides a quantifiable measurement of how your SEO efforts are impacting lead generation.

Additionally, for physical businesses, Google Business is an essential source of clicks. Optimizing your Google Business Profile is another facet of any successful SEO campaign.

If you can rank higher for specific local terms, online users can either click on your site or use the number on your Google Business Profile to give you a call. Making it easy to connect with potential clients person-to-person dramatically increases your chances of acquiring new business.

Gain Leads

Convert your traffic into real leads. Traffic numbers mean nothing if visitors aren’t converting. We turn traffic into leads through your calls-to-action, helping you optimize your web copy for both SEO and sales, positioning you as the number one real estate option for home buyers and sellers.

Investing in lead generation enables you to witness a direct return on your investment.

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Why Choose Victorious?

Increase organic traffic. Land first-page search results. Collaborate with some really cool people. Need we say more?

Top-Tier SEO Talent

Every member of the Victorious team is experienced and knowledgeable in real estate SEO strategies, so you only work with people who know how to make your campaign succeed.

Relentless Pursuit of ROI

Whether you’re a small business or a large real estate agency, your marketing dollars matter. Our holy grail success metric is ROI — if you’re not earning, we’re not succeeding.

Seamless Team Integration

Gain all the benefits of an in-house SEO team without hiring an in-house SEO team. We work as an extension of your digital marketing team with your ideas, goals, and marketing initiatives while offering valuable SEO insight.

Dedicated to Data

Our campaigns are rooted in data that’s collected, sorted, and analyzed by SEO experts. By taking the guesswork out of the process, your campaign is set up for success from the very beginning.

How do I find a legitimate real estate SEO expert?

If you want to find the best SEO company for real estate, you first need to hone in on what you want to achieve. Real estate SEO isn’t just about driving more traffic or earning better search engine rankings (although these aspects are certainly beneficial in their own right); it’s also about boosting sales from interested buyers, securing listings with sellers, and creating a positive online perception about your real estate business.

We offer a free website analysis to help you get started on your SEO journey. With it, we can identify some gaps in your efforts and make suggestions for next steps.

Are there SEO tips for new real estate agents?

It’s a well-known fact that almost 85 percent of buyers rely on real estate websites as their main source of information. Real estate SEO is all about making it as easy as possible for your target audience to find you.

Whether you’re a new real estate agent or a well-established real estate firm, our SEO services for real estate investors flex to your unique business needs.

Boost Online Visibility and Drive Leads
With these real estate SEO tips

  • How Website Design Impacts SEO Performance
  • Why It’s Important to Focus on Geo-Specific Keywords
  • Creating Quality Real Estate SEO Content

How Website Design Impacts SEO Performance

Search engine optimization begins with your website design. Regardless of industry, no SEO strategy will achieve its full potential if your website is slow, unattractive, and difficult to use. You might lose potential customers before they even see what you have to offer.

When people like what they see on your site, they’re more likely to come back or recommend you to friends and family — and a real estate SEO consultant can help you make sure your site is well-organized and running smoothly.

Why It’s Important to Focus on Geo-Specific Keywords

When incorporating keywords into your website content, you want them to be as locally specific as possible. Prospective customers won’t just search “home for sale” or “real estate listings.” If they did, they’d get broad results that aren’t specific to the area they’re looking to buy or sell in. Instead, they’ll search something like: “homes for sale in [town/city]” or “real estate listings in [town/city].”

Figure out your target area and then go from there. Also, consider that your real estate area may have other location-specific keywords such as styles of homes, vacation rentals, and seasonal search terms.

Creating Quality Real Estate SEO Content

Having an attractive, up-to-speed website and a list of targeted keywords is only part of the equation. Content creation is another.

You’ll want to add relevant keyword phrases to your website content, whether it’s a new blog or a landing page. However, avoid overusing keywords in an attempt to boost your search rankings (a frowned-upon practice called keyword stuffing), as it can lead to penalization by Google.

We use a thematic keyword research process to locate the highest value keywords and create themes around them, much like Google’s own processes. This gives your site the best opportunity to attract more quality traffic from organic search.